10 Steps to Create a Successful Event Marketing Campaign
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For organizing an event a lot of effort is required. People need to be encouraged by you to perform something. What steps will you take to make the participants understand everything from the event? You have to do event promotion for this purpose.

Event promotion includes a lot of things. How recent technology can be properly used and marketing strategies can be compiled? All this is given in a guide that is provided to you in event promotion.

By doing this your effort and time can be saved and along with this the attendee satisfaction and the attendance of the event can also be increased.

Now I am going to tell you 10 steps to create a successful event marketing campaign.

1. SMART event goals must be established by you –

The importance of the campaign should be understood by the team members and for this you have to communicate with them properly. Also, the event campaign’s goals must be concretely established by you.

Now what does SMART mean:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Results-Oriented
  5. Timely

Requirements to achieve the target can be understood by the team members if specific goals are set by you.

The campaign’s performance can be properly assessed if there are measurable goals.

In the process of planning you can feel of accomplishing your target by making achievable goals.

The way by which outcome will be affected by the objectives can be understood by you if you are results-oriented with the objective.

Meeting the tasks can be ensured if you are timely with the objectives.

2. Appropriate ROI Metrics must be selected by you –

When the members of the team are agreed with the established goals then for measuring each goal the metrics must be decided by you.

The return on investment can be analyzed accurately if a metric that is appropriate is selected by you for measuring goals in a different manner.

3. An attribution model for event marketing campaign should be selected by you

Will the event be given some credit or not when the event marketing campaign’s deals have started closing? For interacting with the brand, is it the customers’ first time to attend the meeting? For answering these, it is of great importance that event impact should be clearly understood by attribution models.  

For selecting the attribution model for the event campaign, you have to find the concurrently running different marketing campaigns that run with yours. You need to do some analysis for this also.

4. The timeline to plan event marketing in detail should be created by you

A plan of attack needs to be drawn up once the setting of metrics and event goals is done by you. Now the deadlines are required to be set by you during the time of describing the process of event planning. Making adjustments and prioritizing tasks will become very easy if importance is given to the timeline for completing the process. A Gantt chart can be made for organizing the timeline of event planning.

5. The ideal venue should be booked by you

You should do an advance booking of a venue a long time before the start of the event. The process of unfolding the event must be clearly known to you and then the space that is available first should be booked. Then the event’s goals list should be reviewed by you. If you want that the attendees should enjoy the networking facility also then selecting a large venue will be a good idea. Accessibility, presentation areas and lighting should also be taken into consideration. A right venue can be searched on the basis of having a list of requirements.

6. Sponsorships must be secured by you

For event organizers it is a very difficult task to secure sponsorships. A sponsorship package that is attractive needs to be prepared before meeting potential sponsors. After the completion of the event a good ROI like the website visits, social media impressions and sales leads is required by the sponsors.

7. It is necessary to select the right software for event campaign management

A good software for event management is required after the setting of the main pieces is done. For seeing the data clearly and collecting it there is a requirement of some very good platforms. Some questions need to be asked if a software has to be selected by you:

  • Is it possible that in real-time the performance of event registration can be monitored?
  •  Is a website editor offered by your platform?
  • Has an app for event networking been provided by the platform?

Whether the event goals can be achieved by the software? All this can be understood with the help of above mentioned questions.

8. For your event data the software integrations need to be set up

The campaign of your event marketing can be easily managed if a number of softwares are used by you. Multiple tools will be required if it is a system of customer relationship management or a marketing automation platform. For providing an event data that is of high level and robust there is a requirement to integrate the various tools. By doing this the productivity can be increased and inefficiencies can be reduced.

9. An event website that is user-friendly must be designed

An event website needs to be created by following some best practices. A user experience that is intuitive should be incorporated in it. It is also necessary that attendees should experience a registration flow that is seamless and easy.

10. The social media strategy must be defined by you

A social media strategy needs to be executed for making a plan if you want to show the world about the event marketing campaign that is going to be created by you. You should consider certain things for this:

  • Event hashtags should be used – These must be catchy, simple and short. Most web pages must include these.
  • Attendees must be turned into promoters – The individuals participating in the event can be so delighted. A few people among these individuals might be receiving a lot of retweets, shares and likes and these should be given the prizes.

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