10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Remotely
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A lot of people look for options when it comes to tracking android phones. However, they do not find any tools and apps which can help them in this regard. But they should not be worried as we have come up with a solution for this issue. We are going to guide the users how they can track an android cell phone in many ways. 

Install the App

In order to track the android devices, you will have to download and install the app on the target phone. The app is called BlurSPY app which provides many features for monitoring android phones. Installing and using the app is easy. Below are few of the steps you should follow to download and install the app. 

  • You will be given download link.
  • Get the target phone in your hands and open the download link.
  • Start downloading and it will be complete in few minutes.
  • Now start installation and it will be over within few minutes. 
  • Now log in to your account and find many features.
  • Activate any option and you are ready to track the android cell phone
  • That is all you have to do to track the android phones.


  • Use Call Recorder

This feature allows the users to track phone calls on any android phone. Turn on this feature and you will get access to the call history. You can monitor as well as record the all phone calls on the target device. That is all. 

  • Use Message Tracker

Here is another option when it comes to spy on android phone. This option allows the users to check the text messages. You will get access to all the sent and received messages. Parents should use this feature to the fullest.

  • Use Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

If you want to track social media activities, this option is really good and effective. It lets the users check social media activities and spy on the messages as well. With this option, you can monitor all social and dating apps. 

  • Track GPS Locations

Many people want to track the location of their target phones. usually, parents need such features. So this option is for them. They will be able to track the live locations of the target android phones in an easy and simple manner.

  • Use Screen Recorder

This is the most powerful and the best option when it comes to tracking android phones. It is an advanced feature which has been released recently. With this option, anyone can capture the screen of the target phones within seconds.

  • Try Password Chaser

Here comes another method which allows the users to monitor a phone. If you want to know the passwords and lock patterns of any phone, this feature will help you. Use this feature and you will get to know the password of the target phones.

  • Track Multimedia Files

Have you ever thought of tracking multimedia files? If yes, this feature is for you. It allows the users to find out the images and photos. You can also spy on other files like videos, audios and documents. This feature makes things really easy for the users.

  • Spy on Internet History

Without monitoring the internet history, spying will not be complete. So the app brings an amazing feature for its users. With this option, you can check and spy on the internet history. You will be able to see what the target person has been doing on their phones and devices.

Spy on Internet History


  • Monitor App Usage

BlurSPY also brings a new and exciting feature to allow users check the app usage. With this option, the users can find out how much time is spent while using an app. Parents normally want to track the social media without rooting  and app usage of their children so they will find this feature really helpful for their needs.

  •  Bug Mic and Camera

With this method, the users can hack the camera and mic of target devices. It is very effective when it comes to checking the sounds in the surrounding. You can also take pictures using this feature. It lets you find out who the target person is with.

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