Effect of Internet on the Academic Performance of Students
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Modern education system has changed due to the use of internet. Internet can be defined as a network which provides a variety of information and communication facilities. The use of internet has an impact on student’s achievement. It acts as a teacher to students from where you can ask everything and it will answer you. Students get relevant study materials from many sites. Many universities have opened free courses through which students can access from them free of cost. This is really a big advantage for the students as well as teachers.

Online Education

In this era, online education plays an important role compared to that of traditional learning. Today millions of students are learning via online. There are many advantages for doing online learning. Students can get lecture notes as video sessions without spending any charges. There are many educational apps and sites which provide information and knowledge regarding education.  

Reliable Communication

We know that internet id useful for everyone for different aspects. Internet provides a path between student and teacher where they can interact each other, can share their ideas regarding studies. Also many other social networking sites are available on the internet where students can stay in touch with their teachers.

There are many negative aspects if it is abused by people especially student and children


One of the most common problems of using internet is its addiction. Most of the teenagers spend their time using internet to play games, chat online, watch movies etc. This internet addiction can make you depression at young age.


Cyber Crimes

Now a day’s, internet users may easily become a victim of some criminal elements. They may interfere with the emails or do something with the credit card information. In this digital world, cyber crime is one of the fastest growing crimes. Sometimes we may neglect the security of the files on our computer which may result in internet crime.


There is no correct information on the number of students using internet. It cannot be predicted. But there are so many people spend a lot of hours on internet. They play games, read books, watch videos without caring to study or work. The students will get lazier easily due to the over use of internet.

use of internet

The use of internet in the right way, at the right time for the right purpose gives you a lot of benefits. The student life has definitely evolved by the use of internet which influences on educational purpose, communication, etc. There is positive and negative impact of internet. It’s very difficult to imagine our world without internet. 

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