How Mobile Tracker App Spy Phone Remotely
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Cellphone devices are everywhere and in the hands of everyone and young children are not exceptions these days. In addition to that, businesses provided phones to employees have become vulnerable over the years, and employers on the other hand are used to spying mobile devices to make sure business safety. The business owned mobile phones and tablet devices usually have plenty of intellectual property that could be leaked and share with third parties.

Therefore, business owners are trying there to look after to have a data backup and to keep an eye on employee’s every activity in working hours. Apart from surveillance on business phones, people are also trying hard to look after the activities of children on mobile devices connected to the internet. The continuous encounters of the children with cyber predators and involvement in inappropriate activities on the web and on social messaging apps are dangerous.

Therefore, to spy on the phone of employees and children for business safety and for digital parenting you need to get your hands on the mobile tracker app to spying cellphones remotely to the fullest. Let’s get to know about it.

What is mobile tracker software?

OgyMogy is an application and one of the best cellphone tracker apps these days in the business. You can install it on the target device and complete the setup on the target device. Now you can get access to the online web portal to get your hands on the features to spy on the phone and send the information to the online web control panel. Furthermore, the application has a user –friendly interface particularly for non –tech-savvy parents and employers.

Users can easily install, activate, and use features to do surveillance on target devices and get their hands on the information stored on the devices connected to the internet. Users can use features; call recording, social media messenger spying apps, screen recording, read messages, email spy, browsing history, and screenshots. Users can also use keystrokes logging, multimedia sharing, GPS location tracking, and remote features to block text messages, block incoming calls, and block internet access.

The features of the phone tracker app we are discussing at the moment, all of them capable of providing you instant results. You have to have physical access on the target device to install the spy application because remote installation is not possible yet. You can easily navigate all the features on the target device, and you can spy on your employees, and you can set parental control on your children’s devices. For more details, you can discuss technical issues and get to know about the information via online chat with the customer care representatives.


Mobile tracker app is compatible with all the phones and tablet devices running with Android operating systems. Furthermore, users can use it secretly on the target device and upload the information remotely and secretly. Users can use it on the phone up to OS version 10 and above devices.

The basic & Exclusive Features of the mobile Tracker app

There are plenty of features of the mobile tracking application that you can use to spy phones remotely on kids’ and employee’s digital phones. Let’s discuss all the powerful and advanced features that empower you to do surveillance on mobile devices for an online parenting and business security to the fullest.

Live screen recording

You can use the online dashboard of the mobile phone tracking app and get access to the cellphone device of your children or employees activating the screen recorder software. It enables you to record the back to back short videos of the screen and deliver the videos to the online web portal. Users can also watch the live recording of the videos via a web dashboard. Users can record the short videos of the target cellphone device screen when the target device user is up to chrome screen recording, default browsers, chrome browser, SMS, and email screen recording activities.

Live camera streaming

Users can remotely and secretly connect the back and front cameras of the target cellphone device using the online web portal of the phone tracker. It empowers you to get the live camera streaming of the target device surrounds and get the back to back recorded videos of the screen and send it to the online web portal. You can see the live streaming of the target device surrounds to know about the activities.

Live surround listening

You can remotely control the target device microphone and record and listen to the surrounding voices and voice conversations of children or employees and send recorded voice data on the dashboard in real-time. You can listen to the conversations in real –a time of phone surrounds.

GPS location tracking

Users can track the live GPS location of the target device using GPS location tracker software. Furthermore, users can get to know about the location history such as weekly and daily, and mark safe and restricted places.

Internet history

Users can get access to the visited websites and bookmarked webpages with the internet history tracker app.

Call recording

Users can record live phone calls using call recording software and send the data on the web portal control panel.


You can remotely track and capture screenshots of the target cellphone device by scheduling plenty of screenshots at once.


You can monitor and track all the keystrokes applied using cellphone spying software such as passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Remote spy  

You can remotely block messages, incoming calls, and internet access on the target device using mobile tracker software.

IM’s Social Media

Users can get the logs of instant messaging apps running on the target cellphone device using a social media messenger tracker. Users can get logs of messages, chat, audio-video calls, and voice messages.

IM’s VoIP call recording

Users can record live incoming and outgoing phone calls of social messaging apps with IM’s VoIP call recording software without rooting.

How to install mobile phone tracker software?

Get the subscription of the phone tracker app and get the credentials via email. Now get physical access on the target device to complete the setup. Use credentials and get access to the web portal and visit the features to use it to get access to the cellphone for spying activities.


A mobile tracker app is the best solution for parents and employers to track activities of children and employees to set parental control for kid’s safety and business protection. It is one of the best applications for keeping an eye on employee’s devices and keeping tabs of employees on business-owned devices.

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