What Kind of an App Can Take the World by a Storm?
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The world has developed more than anyone expected it to. There have been innovations that blew our minds upon their launch, but now having used them regularly, we feel as if living without them is almost impossible.  

From the ability to fly across the world to talk to people living on the other side of the globe, technology has not left a stone unturned.  

Can you guess the most used piece of technology? I’ll give you a few hints. 

  • It is pocket-sized and has a screen. It helps you calculate any value, from currency conversion to converting weighing units; 
  • It lets you know about the weather, the latest news, and the trending hashtags; 
  • It also allows you to click your pictures and edit out any of the blemishes you don’t want in it.

I am sure you have guessed the answer by now. 

Yes, all of these features and then some more are available on a mobile phone. Now, a factory phone is not equipped with these many characteristics. Then, how is it possible for it to perform all these functions? It is pretty straightforward. These features can be installed on your phone as diverse applications. Since everyone wants to have the latest and best apps on their phones, they are always ready to click on that download tab in the play store or for the iPhone users the apple store. 

So, you can imagine the market for these applications is enormous, and the big players in this arena are just a few. Getting a lucrative income from your developed app that is running successfully on all platforms is the goal of all web developers. If you have the knack for technology and are willing to invest your time and efforts in this genre, then you should not waste any time and go ahead with your vision right this second. 

To help you do the same, I have compiled a list of applications that have been the most downloaded and used on people’s phones, so that you know which direction will have the most gains.  


We, humans, tend to get bored very quickly. To waive off this boredom, what can be the best solution? Probably, playing a game. And if you have your phone with you, you can play anywhere you like, in the uber, in the tube and maybe in the queue to get your Starbucks. 

So, the first area of app development to be capitalized is the gaming segment. You must have heard of PUBG; it is a game where people kill each other, and once you have killed all the other 99 co-players, you will get your chicken dinner. Pretty fascinating, right? The best part about this game is its graphics that make it age-appropriate for everyone. There is nothing childish about it. My 80-year-old granddad plays it, my 30-year-old husband plays it, and so does my 14-year-old niece.  

Because it is suitable for all ages, this application could garner 400 million downloads in 2019 and revenue of $146 million in May of 2019 alone. Now imagine, if the creator of this game had a bad credit history and had to take installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only found in the UK, he would have been able to repay all of them in one month alone. If that isn’t a success, I am not sure what will be?  


Next is the realm of social media and online presence. Today, there is hardly anybody left who is not on any one of the online platforms. But there are many. From Facebook to Instagram, from Snapchat to WhatsApp, there are plenty of options for the user, but these will never be enough.  

On Facebook alone, there are about 2.4 billion active users. That is the total of the entire population of Europe, no, I am almost sure there could be a few more countries added to balance the scales. 

You would think that if there are already so many applications that are so successful, you can’t bring something new to the mix and change the face of the game. Let me answer with two application names, one is Bumble, and the next is WhatsApp. If the inventors of these had thought the same thing, then they would have tasted success as they did. 


There are two kinds of people in this world, one who thinks they are better-looking than they are, and the others who consider themselves not as pretty as they are. The proportion of the latter kind is far more than the former. And there is your market. 

People love to click their pictures, and the improvements in camera quality have meant that all their tiny blemishes and insecurities will be highlighted. To remove them, they need a photo editor. In a world where outward appearance is everything, photo editors come to the rescue. Adobe Photoshop is the biggest name in this market, having been operational and successful for three decades. 


Complementing the looks is the body, which brings me to the next segment that is fitness. People feel happy when they accomplish something, and if it is related to their health, they think all the more jovial. An app that tells them the number of footsteps they have taken in a day and the number of calories they have burnt will be an apparent success. 

For women, there is a considerable demand for period tracker application to prepare them for the inevitable mood swings when they are PMSing. This is the only area of applications that is the least explored. You will not find giants like Facebook and PUBG here; so, maybe this could your chosen battleground? 

In the end, whichever application you may decide to launch, keep in mind two things. One is that you have to make it user friendly, making it so complicated that only a tech-savvy can use it will serve no purpose for its popularity. The second is that you need to be able to earn a steady income out of it; if not, then lenders like Target Loans will be your only option of earning, that too through a loan. And I am a hundred percent sure that you would not want that. 

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