10 Must Have Items for Your Home Office
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The concept of home offices is becoming a trend. And the reason is simple: you can work while being in the unparalleled comfort of your home. If you have a baby or someone to look after, setting up a home office allows you to be there for your loved ones while working. Having a home office also saves rent. Therefore, individuals who are starting up or work alone prefer working from a home office.

However, your office space should look professional. If you work from your home, the cosiness of your home might affect your productivity. If you have to interact with clients, a homely space will look unprofessional. Keep a room or a secluded space only for your office. It would be a good idea if nobody from your family comes in when you are working. Having a door that opens out of your house will make your office space even more professional. Your clients can come and go without entering your home.

To maximise your productivity, and to make your office look more professional, include these ten must have items in your home office. 

1. Pen holder

Although most of the writing work is done digitally, jotting down important things using colourful pens remains unbeaten. It is proven if you write down things using colourful pens, you tend to remember them for a longer period. But one problem with pens is that they disappear. Having a pen holder for pens, highlighters and pencils at your desk will ensure that your pens do not go magically missing. So, the next time you want to write something down, you don’t have to waste time searching for pens.

2. Desk lamp

Improper lightening causes eyes to strain. Having a desk lamp on your office desk becomes necessary if your space is not well lit. You can switch it on to throw more light on those papers that you want to read. And desk lamps do not cost you a lot of money. They come in different sizes and styles. Some lamps also come with dedicated compartments that work as pen or paper holders. A stylish and multipurpose lamp will surely impress your clients.

3. File and book holder

If your work includes reading several books or papers for reference, your work desk might always be covered with papers. To avoid the pile, invest in some useful book holders that can also store loose documents. Keeping your desk tidy and arranged will help you focus more on your work. But do not keep all your material and books on the desk. Instead, keep a few that you need frequently. You can store your other books in a book stand or shelf. You can also keep the loose papers on a tray.

4. Alarm clock

We all have clocks in our phones and laptops. But keeping a clock on your desk will keep reminding you of the time. You are less likely to miss a deadline if you have a desk clock. You will never miss your lunchtime or break time. If you are on medication, the clock will help you in always taking your medicines on time.

These days, clocks come with Bluetooth speakers, pen holders, trays, several time zones, etc. These multifunctional clocks will serve many purposes depending on your requirement and occupy lesser space on your desk.

5. Comfortable chair

When you work, you have to sit for at least eight hours. And an uncomfortable chair causes back or neck pain provoking you to take short breaks more frequently. If you invest in a fairly comfortable chair, you will be able to work for long hours at a stretch. This will increase your productivity. Such chairs will also keep your back and neck safe in the long run. Rotating chairs allow you to have a 360-degree reach. 

6. Bluetooth speaker/earphones

Having a Bluetooth sound system or earphones with mic will help you take calls easily. You can work while talking. This comes handy when you have to take instructions or recheck data.

If you want to relax, you can turn the music on and dance a little. Short relaxing breaks help you focus more on your work.

7. Multipurpose printer

If you are someone who works with papers, having a multipurpose printer is a must. This device will let you print, scan and copy papers. You don’t have to buy multiple devices with these functions. It will also save space on your work desk. These printers are not bulky and come in stylish designs. Using multipurpose printer is easier than using three different devices and also takes less time.

8. Laptop and smartphone stand

If you work on a laptop instead of a desktop computer, owning a laptop stand will make your job easier. Laptops are kept flat on the surface, and you have to look down while working on them. A laptop stand will raise the laptop to your eye level. This way, your eyes and neck will strain less, and you will feel less exhausted.

Having a smartphone stand on your desk will also make your work easier. You can look into two screens simultaneously.

9. Motivational pictures

If you hang motivational pictures or posters, you will be inspired even when you are distracted. Reading motivational quotes regularly will keep you pumped up for working more efficiently.  Hanging photos of loved ones or an inspirational figure will help you sail through difficult times, reminding you of your capability.

10. Mugs and bottles

Invest in a spill-proof thermo mug. You can sip on your tea or coffee any time of the day without reheating. A caffeine boost will recharge your batteries, allowing you to stay more dedicated. An interesting colour will add to the appearance of your desk. Also, remember to keep a water bottle. The presence of a bottle will remind you to drink water and stay hydrated.

Pens and papers are basic office articles. The above-mentioned things will help you organise your office and create a dedicated work environment.

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