Can an Employee Sue an Employer for Negligence
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An employee who has been the victim of negligence on an employer’s behalf can sue for employer negligence. Employers are beholden to specific workplace safety laws put in place by the United States Department of Labor.

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Employers Must Adhere to a Legal Standard in Protecting Employees

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created to ensure safe working environments for employees in the United States. For employers who are ignorant of what safe working conditions are, OSHA provides an array of guidelines that leave employers no excuse to expose their workers to harm.

Violating widely accepted standards for safe conditions in the workplace can open employers to liability for their employees’ injuries. There are several conditions that may warrant a lawsuit if you were the victim of a negligent employer.

Recognizing Possible Violations of Workers’ Rights

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 established several fundamental rights for workers in the United States. These rights include, but are not limited to:

  • The right to know about possible dangers in the workplace, and to receive adequate training on how to protect oneself and others from those dangers.
  • The right to request that OSHA officials assess the workplace for safety without interference from their employer.
  • The right to be made aware of injuries and illnesses that have occurred in the workplace before, with those records being supplied by their employer if necessary.

Beyond these rights spelled out by OSHA, employees may have implied rights that, if they are violated, could result in a case for awards based on employer negligence.

Employers Must Not Expose Their Employees to Unreasonable Harm

In addition to the previously mentioned rights of all employees in the United States, workers have a general right to be protected from foreseeable danger in their place of work. Some steps that an employer must take to provide this protection includes:

  • Screening job candidates before hiring them, as this process may turn up major red flags. If an employee harms a co-worker, and it turns out that the employer did not conduct a sufficient screening or ignored potential threats during their hiring, the employer could be deemed negligent.
  • Verifying that potential hires have the necessary skills, physical capabilities, licenses, and any other criteria required for them to do the job at hand. Failure to do this may put other employees at risk.
  • Ensuring that the workplace is safe at all times, and that all employees receive proper training for the job that they are asked to do.

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You May Be Entitled to Compensation

Even first-time or novice employers have a duty to know their employees’ rights and to uphold those rights at all times. You may have a case for compensation if you:

  • Suffered a workplace injury related to your job
  • Were harmed mentally or physically by a co-worker or employer
  • Feel that your safety was compromised by an employer’s decisions

Each of these scenarios may warrant a lawsuit against the liable party or parties based on employer negligence. If employee injured in an accident of vehicles collision like car so they need to contact a Fort Myers personal injury attorney for help.

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