Know the Secret behind the Success of Every Business in this Era
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Running a business in this era is much more then providing good quality products to the customers. The needs of this era calls for impeccable services along with perfect products. These services might include customer service, delivery service, etc. The major reason for the failure of any online business is that these businesses compromise on the quality of delivery service, hence they lose their customers in no time. For making your business a huge success, you have to work on your delivery service more than anything else. 

The question that arises here is that how can you make your delivery services seamless? There are many possible answers to this question. The best way to streamline your delivery errands is to opt for a delivery management software. All the successful businesses around the globe have invested in a good delivery management software so that the management can focus on the core tasks. For a small business or a start-up, these software work as a wonder. A good delivery software does not only streamline your orders, but it also takes care of your inventory, invoices, workflows, etc. Moreover, delivery software also provides you with summarized reports about your deliveries and inventory. 

So where to find such software? 

You don’t have to look any further as Mile now has developed the software that efficiently helps any business in its delivery needs. Mile suite is a complete suite of applications that can help you in providing the best experience to your customers while delivering their packages in lesser time. Certain modules help you in every aspect of delivery services. Either it be order management, dispatching, route optimisation, tracking of the packages, proof of delivery, generating invoices or marketing, this software allows you to manage everything perfectly. 

We have developed this software while keeping the needs of every delivery business in mind. The expert developers at our back office make sure that the clients get the best experience while managing their delivery tasks. This is the reason that Mile suite serves as a complete package for the business that provide delivery services to their customers. 

With all of these features, this logistics management software also allows you to market you brand the way you want through the customer application. We provide this added service without any extra charges, which means that you can save the extra costs that you might spend on email, SMS or any other form of marketing. You can easily interact with your customers with the help of customers notifications. 

How Delivery Management Software Allow you to handle your Delivery Operations Efficiently?

Handling delivery operations have always been an issue for the businesses that provide delivery services to their customers. To handle the delivery issues of the businesses, Mile now have developed the most efficient, agile and robust delivery management software to cater every delivery need of a business. 

To attain and retain happy and loyal customers, you have to provide perfect and errorless delivery services to the customers. Your customers always expect the best from you and you have to provide them with the best services as they deserve it. In this era, you have quite a competition in the online market. Your customers have various other choices but if they have chosen you, then it’s their right to get the best service from you. 

To cater the ever growing needs of the customers, you have to opt for delivery management software in order to provide them with the best. While dispatching the packages manually, you might miss any package or any detail in the process. Customers these days are very much concerned about getting the accurate things, so if you mess their order even a little bit, you can lose that customer. To cater this issue, our software includes the feature of digital dispatch. The digital dispatch feature helps you in dispatching every order accurately without missing even the slightest detail. In this way, you can dispatch every package without missing even the minor details. 

Other than getting the accurate products, customers are also interested in getting their package on time. No one in this era has spare time to wait for a late package. To cater this issue, our delivery management software comes with certain modules, including; real-time route optimisation, geo-enabled location services and proof of delivery. Riders’ application updates the routes automatically according to the real time traffic situation on the roads. So the riders are navigated through the best routes towards their destinations. This allows the riders to deliver the packages in lesser time than usual. 

Geo-enabled location services allow the management to track the location, hence the status of delivery anytime they want. This makes the management well aware about the routes taken by the riders or any other intentional delays in the delivery. The management can also notify the customers about the delivery status with the help of customer notifications. At the end, our software makes sure that the package is always delivered to the customer with the help of proof of delivery feature. 

Other than the benefits for your customers, you can also avail certain benefits from our delivery management system, including; automated invoices, smoother workflows, predictive analysis, etc. All of these modules make it easier for you to manage your delivery errands. 


If you want to make your business a big success then you must invest in our delivery management software and take a sigh of relief. For further information on our delivery management software, you can contact us anytime and we would be obliged to assist you. 

Our delivery management software works like a wonder for your business, as it handles every delivery related issue. Opt for Mile suite today and avail all of the benefits discussed above and attain happy customers.

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