An Element of Surprise – The Secret Sauce of a Content Campaign
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Why do some brands never get extraordinary content campaign results? Are small and medium-sized companies doomed to be second fiddle to larger players? How can a company have a game-changing content plan which brings unprecedented success?

Digital marketers are similar to fishes in a bowl. For the fishes, the bowl is a summation of their entire world. The world outside the bowl is irrelevant to the beings in the bowl.

When creating a content campaign, digital marketers can be guilty of sticking to the brief and not experimenting enough. They do this because without taking a lot of risks, they’re guaranteed to meet their modest goals and keep themselves afloat. This lack of ambition is the main reason why most small and medium brands are never able to break the barrier and become top companies.

In this article, we discuss what most brands do not think of when deploying a content campaign.

The Element of Surprise in a Content Campaign

When you compete with a bigger brand, you fight over the same audience with similar types of content, similar content formats, similar keywords targeted, and similar marketing tactics used. Naturally, when you’re doing the same things that a big brand does, the one with the greater resources would end up succeeding.

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Thus, adopting the conventional approach will always lead to the bigger company ending up taking the larger portion of the audience.

This can lead to two things. One, bigger companies in any sector can eliminate competition by being more aggressive. Second, by growing in size, bigger companies can hire more talented people and solidify their status at the top.

Big companies don’t belong to a small niche. As an example, look at Tata. Tata is a company invested in a range of different fields, from steel to automobile and even hot beverages and IT. How does an SEO begin to manage keyword research and content planning for a company like Tata which is a player is so many fields?

This is where the importance of enterprise SEO comes in.

While regular SEO helps professionals understand how one website can rank for keywords and key phrases from a specific niche, enterprise SEO is a version of search optimization to help big companies for a whole range of keywords and key phrases from different segments.

Most big MNCs in the market depend on enterprise SEO to optimize their search presence. In this article, we discuss important areas of enterprise SEO to focus on during the COVID-19 crisis.

How can this equation be reversed?

Marketing can be a vehicle for things greater than just promotions and ads. Innovation in a marketing campaign can mean that a small company can break conventional norms and create a relationship with a segment of audience it couldn’t earlier.

This innovation can be driven by content. Content is the one resource that can influence people to take a brand seriously. By creating content that engages an audience on a deeper level that bigger brands cannot will naturally lead to better performance in a campaign. Thus, the element of surprise can be crucial for a content campaign.

In Conclusion

Many content campaigns stick to the brief and don’t think out of the box to dazzle and surprise their audience. This makes sure their performance and place in their sector is middling at best. In this article, we discuss the role of innovation and surprise in a content campaign.

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