Top 10 Tips to Increase Sales from E-Commerce Portal
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In this period, with the constantly growing popularity of smartphones and devices, the digitalization of businesses has increased with time. So irrespective of your business sector or if you are a beginner or a pro, E-Commerce can be very beneficial for your business growth. 

But just like every business, you will have to face highs and lows in the ecommerce packages as well. In a highly competitive market such as e-Commerce and online retail, you need to put a lot of hard work to stay and gain profits from here.

To boost your business and increase your business revenue, you need to strategies your business wisely. With E-Commerce, one major issue is, the trends on these platforms are never constant and keep changing frequently. To cope up with the frequent changes, you need to stay updated on the ongoing trends of your concerned market.

So here are the top 10 ways that will help you boost your E-Commerce sales.

boost your E-Commerce sales

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  1. Make Sure Your Website is Secure For the Visitors

While technologies are growing smarter, even the hackers and dark webs are getting more powerful each day. There are thousands of fraud sites in the market and falling prey to these scammers, thousands of customers have been the victim of credit card fraud losing their valuable earnings.

So, when someone visits any site, its security plays a key role behind if he will be staying there or give a skip. So providing your visitors with essential security is mandatory for you.

Without proper security features, you are putting your credibility and reputation at stake. 

To prove that your site is trustworthy, add a security badge on your site that can be viewed when they view your site. So you can go for the security service providers and add a security badge on your website, to ensure your visitors of the cybersecurity that you can provide with your site.  

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

The 21st century is undoubtedly the period of mobile devices and such gadgets. With its availability and wide reach in the market, a wide part of e-commerce sales and traffic are undoubtedly getting generated by mobile users. 

And with this most of the users, tend to ignore a site that is not having mobile-friendly designs. 

So while you plan your site, you must acknowledge and plan according to your customers’ convenience. 

So while you design your site, make sure that your website will be able to run on the mobile browser efficiently. 

  1. Add Full Product Descriptions

While you are selling products on your site, make sure you add a proper description of the products. These descriptions are the tools that let the customer decide on what they will purchase and if your product is able to meet their requirements.

So while you add the descriptions, make sure you have included all the necessary information that your customers might ask for such as sizes, price, colors, features, etc.

  1. Quality Images and Videos

While descriptions help customers to know about the features, it is the images and videos that attract them to view your product. 

So, when you are adding a product on your selling list, make sure to add an image and descriptive video with it. 

With videos, you can attract more people and at the same time, you can add your key features and USP of your product in your video as well. This way you can reach a wide range of customers in a short time and that too more effectively. 

But while you attach a video or an image to your site, make sure of their quality. Just a good image or video can attract more visitors and potential buyers, bad quality images and videos can certainly make them give a skip.

  1. Social Media Activity

In this era, it is just not e-Commerce that mobile has an impact on, rather this device has changed the world a lot. And these social media is one such way. With the help of social media nowadays it has become easier to connect with the rest of the world easily just with a few clicks. And this undoubtedly a blessing for your e-Commerce website. 

With the help of social media, you can easily connect with your target audience. Having an official account on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

For this add a social sharing button on your product page. This will allow visitors to share your products on social media.

Social Media Activity

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  1. Customer Reviews

While you are in business, customer reviews are very essential for you. These customer reviews can surely make your reputation reach on top or even break your image to the ground. So you always need to be attentive to it.

When it comes to reputation and credibility, these customer reviews are the tools that guide your website visitor to choose while they will like to buy the product or avoid it. So make sure your website has a good review of it. Request your customers to rate and leave a comment about the products and services on your site. This will help the visitors to have an idea about your credibility and the product’s usefulness.

In case of negative reviews, do not be harsh on them or never remove them from your page. This will only create a bad impression on your customers about you that can be very harmful to your business.

In the case of negative comments, try to reach out to the customers and try to know their issue. Make sure to provide them with solutions or alternatives. Try to provide them an exclusive offer or a discount. But avoid urging them to change their review. If they are satisfied with your help, in most cases they will add a new review or edit the older one.

  1. Help and Query Box

Each and every customer and their user experience play a vital role in the success of your business. So it is your duty to plan your site in a way that will be convenient for your customers. 

Still, in case of any issues, you always need to be there to help your visitors out. And for this, help and query box is your go-to solution. Make sure you have included this tool with your site. This tool will let you reach out to your visitors regarding their problems and to resolve the issues successfully. A site with an active and good help desk is always favored by the customers than the websites without them.

  1. Highlight Your Top Selling Products

When visiting your site, the customer must have an idea of your activities and the products that are available through your site. So make sure that a list of your top-selling products is visible on the search pages of your site. This will let your customers have an idea of what is trending on your site. 

While adding this list, you can try to add a list of your new launches. This way you can let your customers know what else they can avail through your site. But make sure to keep both the lists updated regularly.

Highlight Your Top Selling Products

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  1. Site Loading Time

While someone visits your site, your site’s speed plays a very important role. Studies show 80% of people tend to skip a website if the site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So you need to optimize your site in a way that it can be loaded faster. For this, you can optimize the added images and videos and resize them.

  1. Focus On SEO

When you are in the E-Commerce sector, it might seem that the SEO factor is a negligible nut that is not true. SEO is still very much important for your E-Commerce. 

In most cases, buyers search by-products and not the sites. So you always need a better ranking for particular products to get better exposure. And that can never be done without SEO experts. Only an SEO expert can determine ways and optimize your site in the way that it can rank better on SERP. So if you have not thought about this factor yet, start thinking and work on it.


With each passing day, the competition is e-Commerce is increasing. So staying and make a better place here has become a tough task. But following the above mention tricks can surely help you to earn a better position in the market and get your desired result. 

Always make sure to imply a better strategy that will be convenient for your users and will be able to satisfy their needs. Customers’ security and satisfaction must be your priority and a satisfied customer belt is all that you need to achieve your goal.

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