Ways To Expand Your Brand’s Organic Reach On LinkedIn
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Receiving continuous engagement with the right audience needs consistency in the long run. Social media platforms won’t get you overnight success, but your efforts will pay off well, driving years of ROI for your business. 

Digital marketing is a long time thing; you need consistency & patience for achieving tremendous success. The right strategy can get you way ahead in no time. Strategic steps can indeed ensure a strong & successful organic social presence. You can grow your following to 1 million and above in less than 2-3 years with the best techniques. You can reach your audience by following the ways recommended by us. Let’s get started!

Set Engagement Goals

First and foremost, you should develop a content roadmap. That should be your first step. Before you determine an ideal content to post, you must understand what you want to accomplish with your LinkedIn Page. Create an engagement target and then track your progress over time with your Analytics page.

Deliver Value

An effective content strategy needs an exchange of valuable content for audience engagement. If you want your LinkedIn members to engage, you require adding value by offering helpful & inspiring content. Do this by staying super-focused on what matters most to your audience.

Maintain a Consistent Posting Rhythm 

You can gain meaningful, regular engagement, and support familiarity by posting through LinkedIn Page at least once a day. You can receive the highest engagement by posting updates in the morning and experience a slight increase again after business hours. You can experience to see what works best for your brand. Every audience will be unique, including the times they absorb content.

Captivate Attention With Attractive Formats

Instead of the post just text-only updates on your LinkedIn Page, incorporate rich media like videos to make your page from static to dynamic & make it stand out. Remember to post native videos with captions on your LinkedIn Page. This captivates attention & will increase the chances of widening your reach. As per research, members are 20 times more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other post type. 

To create notable and professional video content for LinkedIn:

You can even publish MS Word documents, PDFs, & PowerPoints. Businesses, including HubSpot & Netflix, do this to share their “culture stories” – giving a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work at their companies. 

Answer the Comments

Respect the social part of social media by motivating your community to engage with you. Ask questions & answer comments, to truly interact in a 2-way discussion instead of monopolizing an interaction to spread your word across. As you observe your businesses’ social media guidelines, seek for each opportunity to come across a warm, amicable, and personable, whether addressing a person by name or including GIFs or emojis to your comments. It’s a simple way to connect with your audience. 

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags help people find topics & content of interest on social networking platforms. On LinkedIn, hashtags are searchable & users can tap on hashtags links to discover similar posts. Hashtags in your LinkedIn posts allows members to find and join relevant discussions and helps you appear in trending conversations. Hence, aim each LinkedIn Page update to the most pertinent user by creating a personalized feed highlighting hashtags. You can also mention people in an update or in the content you’re sharing to receive exposure to their connections. 

Mix Up Your Content

For each content, you share about your brand, share 4 pieces of content posted by others, and an update from another source. This keeps your feed focused on your user’s needs instead of your brand. 

You wish to boost your feed with fresh content, but that does not mean you require to make new content from scratch daily. Rather you can repurpose blog posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, webinars, and event links to share your brand story. And make sure to re-share your top-performing content so that anyone who missed it the 1st time gets another chance at viewing it. 

Add a CTA

Once you have your audience’s attention, make the most of that chance. If you’re trying to drive downloads, revenues, or leads, motivate your engaged audience to do something by adding a CTA. LinkedIn Page updates with links can witness up to 45% more follower engagement compared to updates without links. Moreover, don’t neglect the chance to tailor your CTAs using different options. 

Act on LinkedIn Page Insights

As a social media manager, you can propel your brand awareness by building relationships with the right audience & interacting with them via relevant content & customized interactions. However, it’s tough to drive results for your company unless you know who you are interacting with and what content propels engagement. This is where LinkedIn Page Insights comes into the picture. Your Analytics page (in your LinkedIn Page) shows monthly engagement metrics for all your posts while also showing Reach, Engagement, and Updates separately. 

Below is how you can use analytics:

  • By examining who is engaging with what, you can refurbish your most compelling content and provide more of the same. 
  • Using Content Suggestions, you can measure each post’s popularity & interaction level, determining what content to feature next.
  • If you include a tracking code to your post’s links, you can view what traffic you are driving to your website via your LinkedIn Page updates. 

As you enhance your updates based on performance, you must see an escalation in your general engagement month over month. 

Expand Your Audience

Serve your audience’s pain points, business requirements, and content preferences, and you’ll experience engagement in the form of shares, comments, and likes. With time, that translates into connecting with a larger community of the right people. Using LinkedIn Page Analytics, you can easily see your followers & visitors’ professional characteristics, such as their roles, titles, industries, location, and more. 

These are some of the methods which will let you grow your following provided you are consistent & interact with your audience well. Digital marketing is a vast field; first, it is essential to set your objectives right and later decide which platform to point to.

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