7 Reasons To Encourage Creative Writing in Little Ones
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Inventing words, putting on the skin of fantastic characters, traveling without moving from the chair, living unknown sensations … creative writing allows us all that and much more. The power is infinite since the limit is set only by our imagination. And the little ones that are leftover, why not accompany them on this adventure?

We can give you up to 7 reasons why it will be worthwhile to work creative writing in your classes. For more information about writing visit Cheetahpapers.

Creative Writing

  1. Develop language and expression: Perhaps it is the most obvious reason, but not the least important. Writing allows the child to learn to express himself correctly, a skill that will be necessary in many other areas of knowledge.
  2. It encourages the learning of new words, in addition to the ability to structure the texts correctly, with features such as cohesion and coherence.
  3. It is a channel to express your emotions and feelings. Also, to write they must first organize their ideas in the head, forcing them to sort their thoughts, structure and shape them.
  4. It is a great technique to develop imagination and creativity.
  5. It is an element of relaxation and entertainment: Creative minds find their space of expression, an intimate moment in which they are only with themselves, being a unique circumstance of tranquility and balance.
  6. Development of empathy, forcing the ‘little writer’ to put himself in the shoes of the different characters he has given life to. If the techniques are also performed in groups, we can also practice the ability to listen and communicate.
  7. It provides a space for thoughtful thinking and is good for working on one’s knowledge at many levels.

But where to start?

You might find it somewhat complicated to include creative writing in your classes if you have never done so. To help you, we recommend you take a look at these interesting resources. We hope they’re useful to you!:

  • A great technique that invites us to invent how a story would start and end, taking into account some cartoons that facilitate us.
  • A complete guide with different exercises, aimed at the little ones, which will be a good base to start a set of activities on creative writing.
  • To make it even more fun, an interesting proposal is to make stories together, in which everyone can participate. You sign up?
  • This resource consists of writing a story from four illustrations that appear in the corners of a square, four elements that we must include in a story in the way that we most want.
  • Aimed at students from 12 years, they are fun techniques that you can carry out without any specific material. Letter from the future, cooperative poems, stories of 25 words … are you going to miss them?
  • And if you have been wanting more, do not miss these resources to practice creative writing with the little ones.

This article mainly focus on creative writing in little ones. You can look out some reading skills resources too for them to improve their academic skills.

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