Top 4 Tools/Apps to Improve Your Written English
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In our school days, we have learned that we live in a diverse culture where we are taught about different societies, cultures, and languages. Nothing is possible without communication, and for communication, language is one and the only tool. With this, we can guess how important a language can be. If we go into the details, the word language itself is very vast. 

To date, there are 7,117 languages spoken, in which Mandarin Chinese secures 1st position with 918 million speakers, Spanish is positioned 2nd (480 million speakers), and English comes to be the 3rd most spoken language in the world (379 million speakers in 106 countries). Despite being in the top 5 of the most spoken languages, many people find difficulty writing it.

Whether English comes on whatever number, it is always important to know how to write and communicate effectively. Keeping this in mind, creators have created online tools mostly free of cost that will help you polish your written English.

1. Grammar Girl (Quick and Dirty Tips) 

  • Creator: Mignon Fogarty
  • Launch: July 2006 
  • Rating: 4.4 Out Of 5
  • Version: 1.0
  • Last Update: 13.05.20
  • File Size: It will not cover much of your storage as its size is 44.9 Mb 
  • Working: This application detects grammatical and punctuation mistakes from necessary to advanced level. Correctify the errors and provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes. 

Despite corrections, it detects plagiarism from your writing by comparing it to billion web pages so that plagiarism does not put you into trouble. It automatically shows your references. It is your proofreader and grammar coach.

The developer, i.e., Applied Linguistics LLC, works very hard to provide an easy interface by often fixing bugs. If you have started your publication, then this app is a great help to you.

  • Where To Use: You can use it to correct your articles and writings. The apps you can use are- MS Office add-in, A chrome web app that works much like Google Docs, A Chrome plugin, a Desktop app for Windows, iOS, Android, etc.


1. The version is not supported by Mac books.

2. Such apps should be free to make those people learn who can’t afford to pay in access.

2. Reverse Dictionary 

  • Creator: Akshay Puri, Nikaash Puri
  • Launch: 27-12-2014
  • Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5
  • Last Update: November 20, 2020
  • Working: This app is specially designed to provide the word’s meaning just as a traditional dictionary does. In the era of technology, everyone has cell phones with them, so such an app proves to be a great help. 

The new update gives the user a difference of brand new material design, share your favorite words. It solves anagram, crossword, and you can hear the word pronunciation. It is significant to the non-native speakers as they can explore the words and increase their vocabulary.

This is also available in the Spanish language.


  • Creator: Ukrainians Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvny, Dmytro Lider
  • Launch: 01.07.2009
  • Rating: 4.0 Out Of 5
  • Working: Grammarly is useful in detecting potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, tone, and style mistakes in writing, following standard linguistic prescription, but it also makes mistakes. It is a proofreading tool. It is different from others because it corrects errors in punctuation and deals with syntactic and other grammatical errors. Just like grammar girl, it erases the plagiarism and subsequently checks spellings.

Drawback: Most of its features are only for premium users, i.e., you need to pay to benefit from the app.

4. Ginger

  • Creator: Yael Karov And Avner Zangvil
  • Launch: 2007
  • Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5
  • Working: Ginger software is equipped with a grammar checker that makes suggestions and corrections as the user type. This is the best tool for correctifying mistakes in no time. When you write an application or email, you always get the suggestions side by side. This is what this tool is based upon. 

It gives you suggestions and let you know where you were going wrong. In this way, correcting your mistakes and helping you edit your work in the given time also makes you learn how to place the right phrases in the sentence. If we talk about its accuracy, then it is claimed to provide 95% accuracy. 

The one feature that makes the software different from others is its rephrasing, this app. Knows well how to rephrase the sentence if written wrong. With quality, it also has a feature of multi-language, i.e.; it effectively translates the material into any language you are comfortable with.

Drawback: As every software has a fault, it also has one, i.e., the disadvantage of charging the money if a person wants to learn more and be a premium member.

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