Structure Of Demonstrating Essay
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Introduction of the subject with the aim of grabbing the reader so that the demonstrating essay is read further. To do this, use for example:

  • An unusual detail that intrigues the reader
  • A powerful, challenging proposition
  • A related quote from a person about the subject
  • A fun, funny or fascinating anecdote
  • Shocking, interesting facts about the subject (static data)

Make sure that your introduction is brief and to the point and let it be known that you will shed light on several aspects of the statement in your essay. Formulate a clear statement in your introduction. For more information to learn from

For This, Do Preliminary Research

It is useful to look up some information about the subject of your essay before you start writing. By delving into the subject beforehand, it becomes easier to write a good essay. Find various sources and starting points on the subject to be able to write a well-founded piece.


Make A Construction Plan:

A good structure in your text is very important and you must carefully choose the layout for your text and arguments you need to present there. Give multiple arguments to substantiate the position that is central to your demonstrating essay. Make sure that:

  • Your arguments are well argued
  • You mention relevant facts that confirm your position
  • Try to emphasize facts with examples, but do not deviate too far from your story
  • Explain step by step how you came to your opinion so that the reader can keep up
  • Disprove any counter arguments, with this you are a lot stronger! If you refute common counter-arguments in your demonstrative essay, you will come across as more convincing to the reader.

Use Synonyms And Structure Words

If you use the same word throughout the text, it becomes very boring for the reader. In addition, use structural words to, as the word suggests, give a clear structure to your essay. After all, with structural words  you can clearly introduce various connections, such as contradictions and summaries. 


The conclusion is the final part of your demonstrative essay. It is not only a summary, but also an important paragraph to:

  • Briefly mention the main points from the middle section
  • Connect the main points from the center piece together so that a conclusion can be formed
  • Make sure that you do not literally repeat the text from the middle part, but formulate it (shorter) in other words
  • Conclude with a catchy final sentence that will stay with the readers, such as a prediction, a recommendation or a question to the readers. You can also conclude with a quote from an expert on the subject, but this is not recommended if you have already used this in the introduction.

Re-Read Your Essay 

If you have finally finished your entire essay, you would prefer to hand it in as quickly as possible. However, first read your text carefully. This way you can not only remove any grammar and spelling errors from your text, but also adjust content-related aspects that afterwards turn out to be not entirely clear. Also have a look at these common language errors to prevent minor errors in your essay!

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