The Evolution of Education and Its Revolutionary Solutions
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“An investment in education pays the best interest.”– Benjamin Franklin

Education is something fundamental for the generations; it is also mainly required to stand out as a human being.This is one of the necessities in human lives, which assist them in earning their livelihood. 

Proper education can lead our countries towards higher levels of Economics My Homework Help Online development. It helps in raising the bar for the country’s literacy rate. And thereby, helps in developing our skilled human resource base for a better future.

The system of education and its several solutions has evolved throughout the years. It is continuously advancing in terms of both teaching and learning methods. Modern educational methods are becoming way more creative than our traditional teaching processes.

Do have this read to have a better idea upon the evolving situation of education worldwide.

  1. Conventional education:

In this traditional way of education, the tutoring methods are teacher-oriented ones. One to one teaching and learning processes are involved with a specific class and schedule to follow. 

The students under this style of education have a teacher to explain them with all concepts and later they can clarify their doubts through an interactive session with their teacher and peers. It has specific merits and demerits in concern of a student mentioned below:-

  1. Merits: 
  • Real-time interaction sessions for both teacher and students
  • Peer meets at weekends with a lot of fun exercises
  • Students are indulged into many extra-curricular activities and games
  • And the most critical factor that students learn here is – Punctuality
  1. Demerits:
  • It is a way of the teaching process, which is tutor-centred 
  • A generic form of learning, where the books and teachers are the only sources to learn
  • Student’s lack of interest in between the process
  • Absence of flexibility in study timings

This is a traditional approach to the educational system present worldwide. With the current time and continuous technology up-gradation, it has started lacking in so many measures of studies. 

As we know, in today’s urban scenario, we have so many newly designed options or applications available for fulfilling every learning measure of students all over. So here comes,

  1. Modern education:

This particular educational system is with all the current and technologically advanced study options. It has teaching and learning methods which are self-motivated. Modern education culture has incorporated online learning and tutoring methods in a significant way.

Here all the student and teacher needs is a computer device or the software application downloaded in it and internet connection to start with their studies. And the best thing about the modern way of education is that it can be accessed from anywhere and also is flexible with timings. It also has certain merits and demerits in line, which are as follows:

  1. Merits: 
  • Online and modern educational techniques are not distance concerned, can be accessed from anywhere
  • The point of flexible learning and tutoring times are at peak
  • These all arestudent concernedmethods 
  • We have unlimited sources of learning materials 
  • Cost-effective learning platforms and learning for our future pioneers
  1. Demerits:
  • Students have limited social interactions with others in the batch
  • Rarely has face to face interactions
  • The chance of getting distracted, in between the learning process are high
  • No involvement of the outer world in the process of teaching and learning

Apart from these few drawbacks, this style of modern equipped methods of learning and tutoring students present all over the world is an effective one.

Nowadays, there are vast numbers of online learning platforms, which are developed only for students who want to learn and thrive in corporate markets worldwide.

So, now one can have a clear idea upon the continually changing education environment and all of their pros and cons in line. 

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