The Quizopedia App: Prepare Kids for Future Quiz Competitions
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Making your kid solve quizzes and puzzles can be a fun way to exercise their brain cells, as well as indulge them in some learning. If you see your kid being bored on a particular subject like history, chemistry, mathematics, or general knowledge, then consider yourself lucky, as online platforms these days are not just for mere fun and games. They are also here to help your kids with their homework, learn and, at the same time, enjoy learning.

Having knowledge of the latest happenings is important for kids. The majority of teachers and parents face difficulty in making kids learn current affairs. This is why The Quizopedia App has developed a wide range of general knowledge trivia for kids. The quizzes here are so fun that your kids will learn general knowledge deliberately.

Quizopedia has endless quizzes from various categories and for each and every question a student will answer. It is a kind of game in which kids can strengthen their knowledge by playing the quizzes. This game will confer a true test of your kid’s General Knowledge.  This app is very easy to navigate for kids. Just open a category and start taking practice tests and keeps learning.

Features The Quizopedia Offers:

Quick and Simple

The Quizopedia is a fun and exciting application. The registration for the quizzes application is quick and the user experience is excellent.

Select Favorite Topic

The Quizopedia is a category based app which comes with an option to select a favorite topic. It can be general knowledge, literature, politics, Indian Cinema, English or any other topic that your kid will like.

Timed Questions

There is a specific time limit set for answering any question.

Check Quiz History

You will be able to check the history and see how many quizzes your child has taken and their results.

Unlimited Practice Tests

The Quizopedia’s has a wide range of practice tests that challenges your child to perform in pressure situations. There are quiz questions for every day of the year. 

Correct Answer After The Quizzes

Once the Quiz ends, the correct answers will be displayed on your screen. This will be shared via email as well.

Different Levels of Quiz

The students will be availed with different levels of the quiz. It starts with easy, medium & hard.

Download The Quizopedia app for your kids and keep them engaged in the learning phase.

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