7 Ways to Get your PMP Certification Faster
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If you want to enlarge or expand your professional skills in project management, definitely it should be a daunting task without undergoing any training. In that aspect, a professional accreditation from a recognized institute will help to enhance your career in project management. However, PMP certification training, i.e project management certification training will build your professional career to a great extent and stand you out of the competitive world. 

In this blog post I am going to discuss the importance of project management, why project management certification and ways to get PMP certification faster and easier.

What is PMP certification?

Project management Professional certification is basically known as PMP certification especially designed for the project managers by the PMI i.e project management institute. In order to attain the PMP certification, the individual or the working professionals have to meet certain standards or levels so as to apply for the exam. Once the application is processed and accepted by the PMI, the individual needs to attend the exam based on the level of expertise in the project management. In order to apply for the exam you go to the official website link i.e PMI official organizational website.

It is a popularly recognized designation that enhances integrity and strengthens any recovery. Accreditation was developed to promote a requirement for project management across various industries and destinations. Acquiring a PMP certificate is among ways that an expert can demonstrate his or her ability and commitment to his or her career path to a current or potential employer.

Why PMP Certification?

  • In order to become a PMP certified, it can be either costly, complicated and a time consuming process as well. 
  • It entirely depends on the commitment and education of the professionals to enhance or build their career as project manager. Attaining certification shows your skills, expertise with the technology and also helps in getting a job easier with a high salary package in the industry.
  • Quality management rate increases tend to align with both the knowledge and skills of the project manager. Certification of PMP can be seen as a sign of future potential and continues to remain the world’s most recognizable accreditation for project management.

7 Ways to Get PMP Certification Faster

Completing the PMP exam is indeed not simple, and you can accomplish things with the right effort, practice tests, and encouragement. Use the tried-and-tested best practices that have brought you and via high school and college. Hold your study materials everywhere you go, so that you really can open the others at any possibility. Join the PMP mentoring program so you can be steered to continue studying. Emphasis on your trouble spots, feel comfortable with them, and be sure to reevaluate your analysis plan at least five or six times.

Here we are going to discuss the 7 prominent ways to get your PMP certification faster and much easier.

1. Encircle the PMBOK® Guide

The PMP exam is primarily based on the PMBOK® Guide. And use that to your advantage to make a blueprint for your analyses. You need to plan and do research on one Knowledge Area of the PMBOK® Guide each week. Start only with the guide itself and then move to another study material. It will help you develop your awareness of each topic, as some other study guides almost always reshape the information and present the same subject.

Far enough, break down the key concepts of the PMBOK® Guide and study one method every day. This will help you to prepare a solid vision for your daily and weekly study milestones. That’s not enough to memories it all. Attempt to explain ideas well, and study them with concentration and focus. That’s also crucial because the PMP® exam questions will evaluate that well that you can implement these concepts, principles and ideas. Several of the questions are contextual representations of the problem. They give sufficient information to ensure the best possible answer, but they also encompass unnecessary facts to intentionally knock you off course.

Simply wrap up the section of the PMBOK® Guide, take a rest before you read it again. For each read, users will know it better. The information will be easier to digest by the 3rd season, as the ideas will already be enrolled in your mind. Be confident to use the newest edition of the PMBOK® Guide emitted by PMI® to recognize all the areas of knowledge, methods, concepts and formulations involved in PMP.

2. Get to Know your Exam

Right away after evaluating the PMBOK® Guide, users can analyze your skills and how much you can move forward or backward. It might seem as easy, but your first step is to know the obstacle you’re starting to encounter. The PMI website would then help you find basic information about the PMP certification exam. This would also focus on providing links to a lot of excellent information, such as real training suppliers, exam topics, practical questions and study materials.

The PMBOK Program offers important details, together with the outline of the certification and the examination, including its basic requirements, many more or what kind of enquiries you are also about to face, the duration allotted to the examination and the passing mark.

It also provides in-depth information on the subject included in the examination, including the proportion of questions addressed to each subject. This helps a lot, particularly in the construction of your study plan.

3. Check Whether you are Eligible for the Exam

You need to check whether you are eligible for appearing the exam or not based on the following criteria. They are:

  1. A degree with 3+ years of experience in project management  and high school diploma of 5+years of project management experience.
  2. 35 hours formal training attained by the following processes such as college or university education on the project management, project management lectures, exam prep courses, online project management, etc.

4. Check with the Prerequisites before Applying for the Exam

 The following are the prerequisites that need to be checked before applying for the PMP certification exam. They are:

  • You need to ensure that you possess all the required degrees, certifications , experience before applying for the exam.
  • Make sure to have a high school or university certificate.
  • 35 hour contact certificate on the project management professional training or course.
  • Need to show the proof so as to validate you had an experience in project management techniques.

5. Create your Own Personal PMP Study Plan

Mastering for the PMP exam is a major task and involves a great deal of personal commitment. You have to follow your path to becoming a PMP as you apply this technique, and that systematic process a vision. Your PMP study plan would include your overall objective of your work schedule and your every week targets.

Maintain a viable, standardized approach so that many people believe that they can invest two to three hours a day to study. This might crumble into their daily routine, or maybe it’s what they could commit to after work. If you don’t work right now, you might have been able to do more than that. If you have other obligations, such as family responsibilities, you may have to coordinate less.

People can schedule more than rapidly and you’ll see what other people would have done and what has worked for them. Consider looking at the understanding we have obtained from our student forums. You’re heading and see how other people approached the exam. A few of their tips might give you ideas for teaching styles that would work for you as well.

You’ll be willing to see if you hang on to your daily goals even before you begin to work through your plan. If you can’t get to work, change your time table. It’s cleverer to have the opportunity to prepare rigorously just like skim through quality and pray for the best, because it’s a complicated exam!

6. Join the PMI Community

Start believing us, it is really worth being a PMI member during the year that you intend to take the PMP exam. It makes business sense even though, as a representative of the PMI, users will give a special PDF version of the PMBOK® Guide and a substantial refund of the PMP® entry fee. In fact, the refund is greater than the service fee!

So even if you truly don’t want to stay a PMI member permanently, becoming a participant in your first year could save a small fee. 

To be a member of your provincial PMI chapter can also make sense, as most chapters offer PMP prep training. Once more, as a representative, you generally get a refund that is greater than the membership fee. The local chapter of each member is also a precious asset for PMP information. Users can participate in the dinner gatherings of your chapter and speak to new and experienced PMPs about the exam in person. They will be glad to discuss your questions that will help you. A further great advantage to become a member of the PMI is that there are several chapters of study groups. They give us the chance to discover alternative people on their journey to become a PMP like you. Learning together is more fun and more fun. Learning together is more fun and boosts your chance of being passed through.

7. Apply and Schedule your PMP Exam

Once you join the PMI community and become the PMI member, just sign up for the PMP certification exam, go to the official website i.e https://www.pmi.org.in/ and register. A page will be displayed asking you to fill the few things and submit it to the PMI for verification and approval of your request. The application form asks you the basic questions that are required to qualify in order to appear for the exam, it includes mainly the work experience in project management training.

Once the PMI has evaluated your application, and verified that you are eligible to take the exam, you will be given a confirmation number regarding your application. With the help of that confirmation number from the PMI, you can easily book the you’re PMP exam on the Pearson VUE official website i.e https://home.pearsonvue.com/. PMI does not provide or conduct exams themselves, instead they tie up with the testing center companies to perform or conduct the exams one such is person VUE with different testing centers in different regions. Based on your location, check the nearest center available and book the PMP certification exam accordingly.


The above started information is required to become or attain the PMP certification faster and easier. We had covered all the required information in 7 steps to be certified in PMP. Just follow the above information step by step, PMBOK preparation guide, credentials required to attend the exam, how to apply for the exam, etc. I hope this content is more enough to become certified as project management professionals. If you had any doubts please do comments that can be addressed in no time.

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