How to Do Magic Tricks For Fun – Making Yourself Fire Resistant!
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Tricks with fire have always fascinated audiences. In this remarkable trick, the magician can place a naked flame and lit cigarette against his fingers without burning himself.  

How It Looks To the Audience

The magician informs the audience that through years of training and meditation he has learned how to resist burning himself. To prove this, he lights a match and puts the flame under his fingers. He then takes a lit cigarette and holds it between his thumb and first finger, with the lit end against his finger. The magician shows no sign of pain and his hands can be examined.

Magic tricks

How the Trick Is Done

Because this trick involves fire, it is strictly for adults and no one under the age of eighteen should attempt it. It should also not be shown to anyone under the age of eighteen. Please remember that matches and cigarettes can cause fires!

Part One

For the first part of the trick, no preparation is necessary. Just light a match and pass it backwards and forwards under your fingers. You should keep your hand relaxed and your fingers apart, which will allow much of the heat to rise between your fingers. The exact speed you move the match and the distance you keep it from your fingers is a matter of trial and error.

It is recommended that when practising this trick, you start with the match about four or five inches away from you hand and then experiment with moving the match closer. In this manner you will be able to work out the best speed and distance for yourself.


Part Two

For the second part of the trick, you need a little preparation. You will need an ice-cold glass of beer or a drink with ice in it. After you finish the first part, pick up your glass and have a drink. However, as you do so, press your thumb and first finger hard against the glass. This will have the effect of almost freezing your finger. You can then take a lit cigarette and hold it between your thumb and first finger without burning your finger.

The hardest part about this trick is building up the courage to do it for the first time. So, when your are practicing the trick, try pressing your finger against an ice cube first (as that will be even colder than a glass) and then tentatively putting the lighted end on your finger. Once you have proved to yourself that it does not hurt, then try freezing your finger with a glass of water with a few ice cubes inside. If you build up your confidence in this way, then it will not be long before you can do it just with a glass of chilled beer or coke, which does not contain ice.

N.B. As with all fire tricks, there is always a chance that you could get burned while performing these tricks. In reading this article it is assumed that you are a responsible adult and that you are liable for your own actions. Therefore, the author or the publisher cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries caused to persons attempting to rehearse or perform these tricks. If you are in any doubt – then use common sense – and don’t do it!

Adam Mahmoud co-founder of Energy Entertainments has offered high-energy, cutting-edge fire shows combining daring skills, stunning choreography for over 10 years around the globe. He has been entertaining at weddings and booking entertainment for weddings.

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