9 Best Frames For Prescription Glasses for a Smart Casual Look
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“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” —Alexander Wang

What are the best frames for prescription glasses for a fun and smart casual look that gives you more relaxed and approachable vibes? Everyone dresses for a special occasion and event, but what do you wear when you hang out with your friend or simply walk your dog in a park. What frames style you add on your prescription glasses, do you keep it boring and basic?

Fashion follows you in every stage of your life, and you must dress for the occasion.

Every moment in this world is an enormous event where you have to look your best, and glasses are the perfect piece of accessory for that purpose. Prescription glasses are not just a medical necessity but a chance to upgrade your look, be someone smart, fun, adventurous, and even hipster if that’s what you prefer. 

The importance of dressing well in prescription glasses

Prescription glasses for most people sound like a lot of work. Prescriptions are nothing but vision correction lenses that also require a fashionable pull; you can’t make them look basic, no one admires an ordinary look. Give your prescription an essence of fashion that makes it talkable and something to point out in your casual look. A casual look is not supposed to be glam or bold but a smart combination of clothes that you typically wear into a striking and organized look. Glasses are a fashion accessory that acts like an attention magnet and makes it presence felt on your face. It’s a great weapon to dress well and look more confident and well organized. Just like a few types of clothes does the magic of executing smart casual, few frames in prescription glasses also does help you to achieve an ultimate casual look.

Here the top 9 frames in prescription glasses for a fun casual look:

Metal Glasses

Metal glasses in prescription fit the right spot of giving a smart casual look. It is not too flashy or flamboyant but excites a luxurious and attractive look with its minimal design. The thin and neatly designed metal frames perfectly outline your prescription lenses and hold it strong and firmly. Metal frames perfectly capture a youthful and fun look in its soft tone, lustrous textures like rose gold, silver, pink, and many more. Metal glasses frames are available in different sizes, designs, and styles that match the occasion of informality perfectly. 

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses in prescription are pretty stylish and joyful to look at, and it’s a frame to wear when you are in a jolly mood. It gives a surprising fashionable look with a bit flirtatious vibe and transforms your look to an ultimate level. Oval prescription glasses are fun and sporty to wear; they look minimal and covers less eye area and leaves out much more space for the beholder to gaze at. These glasses are contemporary yet very chic and sophisticated that look great on denim. Oval glasses are available in beautiful texture, design, and tints that make you look very retro to modern. 

Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses in prescription are an ideal frame to go out in any casual attire because they look very tidy and convincing. Transparent is the new hot trend among teenagers and adults that makes you look very polished and chic. Transparent glasses are very versatile and set much with any coloured outfit. Transparent glasses for men and women are a great frame to draw effortless attention to the face. It is also effortless to wear glasses because of the lack of restriction as it looks great on every face shape and every complexion. 

Leopard Glasses

Leopard glasses with prescription are less subtle and powerful to catch your eyes. Leopard print frames involve different monotones of yellow and black colour that combine to form a fiery and spottable (literally) look. Leopard glasses are great to pair when you are going for a very casual attire that’s in neutral colours, and you add leopard print glasses to bring more attention to your face in a very minimal effort. Depending on the intensity of colours, leopard prescription glasses can be present in a fiery to subtle texture. Go ahead and add some to your wardrobe. Leopard glasses are available in all sorts of design, style, and material that offers to look your best. 

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses in prescription is an ultimate babe of stylish glasses. You need a cat-eye frame in your collection for a chic and elegant look without trying too hard. The cat-eye frame in prescription creates striking, sharp angular lines at the eye area that almost look like a winged eyeliner. It makes it look extraordinarily feminine and sultry. Cat-eye frames are now available in classic black like how Marilyn Monroe wore in on and off-screen, however;now it has got variations in terms of design, style and colours. Cat-eye prescrframes are great to pair it with a casual outfit like skirts, jeans, and dresses.

Aviator Glasses

Aviator’s glasses in prescription are great for creating a bold and artistic appeal on casual wear. Aviator glasses have many distinctive styles that work exceptional on a picnic or outing outfit. Aviator prescription glasses are not just unconventional but pretty unusual frames that give a glow upon your face. There are also different futuristic designs in aviator glasses like double rimmed acetate or metallic frames. You can find every sort of aviator glasses in design, colour, and material that suits your outfit and occasion. 

Geometric Glasses

Geometry is loved for its powerful work in creating a perfect balance between different shapes and making them work together significantly. Here are some geometric glasses that hit the geometrical shape you learned in school and hoped to shape the way you perceive glasses. 

Triangle Glasses

Triangle glasses in prescription are not at all subtle about their presence and its glamorous design. Triangle glasses are trendy among teenagers and younger adults who love a bit of funky and flashy style to pair with their casual to make them more powerful and way out of the ordinary. You can get triangle glasses in lustrous translucent acetate or gunmetal metallic in a variety of colours that upgrade your attire.

Octagonal Glasses

Octagonal prescription glasses are a bit unconventional to what your eyes are used to in glasses. It is artistically created for a fun and adventurous look that doesn’t take it too seriously and rock a causal in a chilled way. Octagonal glasses are shaped like an octagon, and just like everything with eight sides in the world, it brings great harmony to modern design with its beautiful shape. Octagonal prescription glasses are available in chunky frames and other colours and material that perfectly catch the breath of subtle yet fun casual attire.

You can use all these beautiful and unconventional mixes of modern and vintage styles in frames at Specscart. Specscart is one of the fastest eyewear startups in the UK that offers the best fashionable frames in prescription and non-prescription lenses. Not only its frames are high quality and sustainable, but the lenses are also already fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance. Bring home any top four frames for seven days for a free home trial where you can check which one suits you the most realistically and feels comfortable practically. Go ahead and add some glamour and elegance to your glasses that work great on every occasion and match outfits. 

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