How To Buy Best Style Eyeglasses For Face Shape
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Glasses for men are little distinguished compared to glasses for women in terms of face shape, features and structure.  The dominance of masculine features in men generally appear angular, edgy, strong and sharpness. On the other hand, most of the women display soft, supple, gentle and mild features.

Tricks and tips for selecting the best style eyeglasses for face shape

The key is to bring out the balance between the sharpness and softness of the face.  The wrong shape of eyeglasses may ruin the entire look and subdue the beautiful facial features. In fact, instead of highlighting the best facial features, eyeglasses with wrong dimensions may enhance the flaws and bring attention to the wrong areas of the face. Apparently, it is not rocket science, but a little tricky area of understanding how to select eyeglasses for face shape.

Glasses for Round Face Shape

Round face rules most of the face shapes, especially among women around the globe.  People having a round shape of the face have a wide forehead, followed by wider cheekbones.  The jawline is quite gentle and the fully bloomed cheeks are round.  The nonexistence sharp edges and angles define the round face shape, the chin is not pointed either.

Wayfarer glasses with angular edges, classic square glasses and rectangular glasses with sharp curves are best suited for people with the round face shape.  The sharp angles of the eyeglasses will cover up for the full roundness of the face.  To overshadow the soft features and to bring up a little game of edges, these offbeat edgy numbers are great to buy. Cat eye glasses for women also help to a great extent for round face shape people.  Try out various colours and designs in red, green, purple, pink, dual-tone, tortoiseshell etc. and be a trendsetter. A line of caution, avoid round glasses or glasses that have soft angles and curves.

cat eye eyeglasses for faces hape

Glasses for Oval Face shape 

The oval shape is the narrow elongated shape with equal proportions of the upper and lower part of the face.  An oval face is characterised by wider hairline, narrow jawlines and wider cheekbones. While the cheeks are full rounded, the jawline is subtle and not sharp either.  An oblong face is one of the best face shapes among all, as an oblong face can carry off every kind and style of eyeglasses for face shape with oomph.

People with Oval face shape can try any eyeglasses under the sun, including rectangular glasses, oversized round glasses or circle glasses, browline glasses, aviator glasses or any other avant-garde frames.  However, small or thin eyeglass frames are not carried well with the oval face shape. Whereas, rimless, full-rim, half rim lenses style adds drama and class to oval shape.  Trying our coloured frames will draw attention towards the facial features.

round eyeglasses for face shape

Glasses for Square Face Shape

The length and width of the square-shaped face are equal and proportionate with the wider hairline, well-defined jawline and wider cheekbones. The chin is flattened or squared in shape and the corners of the face appear angular.

Square face shaped people should never try oversize square or rectangle glasses as they will add more sharpness to the face. Instead, glasses with circular or round frames in small and thin style are a smart choice to add softness to the face.   Browline glasses, rounded cat eyes glasses, round, oval and aviator glasses can steal the show and bring a bit of roundness. Rim less and half rim glasses are also a good choice to highlight cheeks.  Further, going with tortoiseshell, gold metal frames, bold hues of colour, tinted lenses, dual-tone frames etc. will draw attention to the features of the face.

Aviator eyeglasses for faceshape

Glasses For Diamond Face Shape 

Diamond face shape has derived its name from the shape of diamond-cut itself with all the corners of the face being pointed and wider.  The forehead is narrow, the chin is pointed, the jawline is narrow, the cheekbones set apart ant sharp and the face lacks softness.

Thus, eyeglasses with round curves and heavy on the top frame will give supple relief to the face with round, oval, cat eyes glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, browline glasses in rimless lenses. These frames will enhance the eyebrow and forehead area while adding roundness around the cheeks.  Different materials and colours of frames will raise up the style statement.

tortoise shell eyeglasses for faceshape

Glasses For Oblong Face Shape 

An oblong face has more length and narrowness than the width of the face which includes the broader hairline, narrow cheeks, chiselled jawline and flat or rounded chin.

The oblong face needs to appear proportionally correct with focus on the upper part of the face. Therefore, eyeglasses with broad detailing on top and narrow bottom frame will help conceal the length of the face and add width. Particularly oversized eyeglasses including wayfarer glasses, aviators, browline glasses and rectangular glasses with rounded corners set in half rim glasses or full-rim glasses are a great deal. Add different colours, patterns and material to the frame to achieve the much-needed elegance.

Full Rim Eyeglasses For Face Shape

Glasses For Heart Face Shape

The heart-shaped face is defined as the face cut with a wider forehead, highly placed cheekbones, sharp jawlines, narrowing towards sharply pointed chin like an inverted triangle.

To shift the attention towards the upper part of the face and to hide away the sharpness of the jawline and chin, glasses with broad lower part are quite suitable such as cat eyes glasses, wayfarer glasses, round and oval-shaped glasses.  Heart shape people can also benefit from tortoiseshell, dual-tone and various metallic frames in different hues of colour to become eye-candy.

Wayfarer eyeglasses for face shape

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