The Latest Jewellery Trend You Should Keep Up With
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Fashion moves fast, but it leaves a lasting impression. Trends keep emerging and remerging from time to time, and the accessories world is no different. Keeping up with these latest hot items not only helps your fashion game stay fresh and polished, but it also helps you create a timeless collection of items that you can fall back on. 

So, to help you curate your collection, here is the latest jewellery trend that you should know about!

  • Large Gems – Those who love the statement, glittery pieces, rejoice! The big gems are back in fashion and bolder than ever. All shapes and colors are welcome. Ensure that you stick to only one statement piece, and let the rest of your clothes be simple to really make that piece pop.
  • Stars – Well, the celestial bodies are never really out of fashion, but this spikey shape has made its comeback in all forms of pieces. Combine them with night-sky colors of purple, navy blue, or monochrome to complete the thematic look of your outfit.
  • Oxidized jewellry – The latest jewellery trend from the eastern side, oxidized features allow silver to take a natural layer of black that makes the piece look far more rustic and charming. Pair it with fun prints, or style it up with simple jeans and shirt to create the perfect contrast. 
  • Extra Big Hoops – Everybody loves hoops so much that they are now supersized. Another fun way to play with this classic is to ditch the gold and silver and go for interesting materials, such as wood. Make sure that your hair does not fall in the way of you flaunting your big bright pairs. 
  • Chain-link – Yep, these are not just for the punks anymore. Chain link necklaces and bracelets, be it in polished and bright gold or the more rustic steel and silver. The chunkier, the links, the better. Pair it up with a graphic t-shirt and jeans for the classic look, or go for a muted version with a formal dress.
  • Pearls – Loved playing with your mother’s string of pearls when you were young? Now is the perfect time to get a pair for yourself too. The most timeless pieces are the white necklaces and earrings, but you can try a bracelet, a ring, or something in a black pearl to give your look a little edge. 
  • Mis-Matched Earring – Who hasn’t lost a pair of that favourite earring after a night out? You thankfully have a fashionable excuse to pull it out again. Try experimenting with some basics such as a stud on one side and a drop earring in another, or go all out with any combination you want. 
  • Saturated Hues – For those who love their black clothes, some bright accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of colour. You can opt for a chunky piece for maximal impact, or stick to something more sublime. 
  • Statement Choker – The goth culture staple is now making a mainstream comeback with both chunky and dainty pieces. Perfect for when you want to make a casual statement, you can layer your chokers with normal necklaces, or leave them as they are.

So, now that you know the latest jewellery trend that has dominated the runways and the streets, what are you waiting for? Go out, grab the trend that speaks to you the most, style it as you like it, and have fun dressing up!

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