Everything You Need to Know about Pizza Toppings
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Pizza toppings! A subject that people around the world have debated for centuries. From the very first time, flatbreads with various toppings showed up on the streets of Naples in the 1700s, until today, we’re still enthralled in this discussion.

Let’s dive into it, shall we? 

Top Favorite Pizza Toppings of the 4 U.S. Regions 

Favorite Pizza Toppings

While we can all agree on our mutual love of pizza, our choice of toppings seems to be a separating factor. Since taste is subjective, and it’s only reasonable that we tend to have different likes and dislikes. And this is not just an individual thing either; it’s regional.

According to YouGov Pizza Survey, if you go from region to region in the U.S., pepperoni continues to be at an all-time high, giving us an idea of how treasured this pizza topping really is. Threatening to steal its shine as most-liked, we have mushrooms and onions as close seconds.

These are the most and least popular pizza toppings in all four American regions:


Most favorite: This region tends to pair their leading pepperoni with mushrooms and extra cheese on top. Apparently, they’re playing it safe.

Least favorite: What they don’t like is the sausage, leading with a 37% majority, and a side of bacon, ham, and olives in a 16% tie. Apparently, they’re not very big on meat generally, unless it’s pepperoni.


Most favorite: Sausage, pepperoni, and onions seem to be the go-to for midwesterners. Rich with meat and a bit spicy, this delicious trio has found its way on their pizzas. And even when they’re not pairing them together, these toppings are also doing well on their own.

Least favorite: Surprisingly, sausages have found their way on the other side of the spectrum of this region, too. While they’re split on their sausage opinion, they seem to agree on not wanting olives and extra cheese on their pizzas.


Most favorite: The famous trio made of pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions is a favorite in this particular part of the U.S. Even separately, these guys are set on making every pizza extra tasty.

Least favorite: With sausage leading, bacon, and chicken following close behind, there’s an apparent dislike to very meaty pizzas here. If it wasn’t for pepperoni, they’d leave us thinking their pizzas are entirely vegetarian. 


Most favorite: And again, we have the utmost favorite leading – pepperoni, closely followed by mushrooms. Surprisingly or not, Westerners have a love for pineapple, with a whopping 17% of them listing it as their favorite topping. This actually makes sense, since Hawaiian pizza is expected to be eaten in, you know, Hawaii. Finally, a region that doesn’t see it as controversial, but loves it for what it is.

Least favorite: When it comes to their dislikes, they too, aren’t very fond of sausage and bacon. As these two toppings take the leading percentage of disapproval, extra cheese is close behind them. With cheese as their least favorite and pineapple high on the fave scale, this region is leading in interesting choices.

Although we may have our differences between states and regions, whatever controversial or beloved topping we pick — in the end, pizza is there to unite us.

Most Controversial Pizza Toppings 

Controversial Pizza Toppings

Lately, it’s almost as if there’s more talk going on about controversial pizza toppings, rather than the ones we love and cherish day-to-day. 

And, obviously, people have always tried new stuff. Not only on their pizzas but on every food possible. With social media spreading everything like wildfire, it’s easy to spot all the funkiest, most hated, and sometimes weirdly satisfying pizza toppings there are.

We rounded up the ones that spark the most talk and controversy.

1. Pineapple

When people started putting pineapple on their pizzas, the whole world lost it for a few days. Nowadays, it’s clear that pineapple was just the tip of the iceberg of controversial toppings. And seems it even got its own fandom in time.

There are people in the U.S. that will fight tooth and nail to protect a Hawaiian pizza or just the pineapple topping itself. However, in pizza’s birthplace, Italy, that story takes a different direction.

2. Anchovies

Italians have embraced it, so let’s think about giving it a chance. They seem to know a thing or two about pizza. 

Anchovies can be a little bit overwhelming taste-wise and not really thought of as a pizza topping, but that’s no reason to shy away from them. If anything, that will only enhance the taste.

If your go-to food is savory, in this case, enhanced with a strong fishy flavor, give these guys a try. Though traditionally, they’re rinsed off the salt before being put on a pizza, they remain abundant in flavor. As such, they only work for certain people.

3. Egg

Eggs for breakfast? Hell yeah!

Eggs in cake batter? Yup.

Eggs on a pizza? Hmmm.

This pizza topping is definitely one of the more controversial ones to date, and for a lot of reasons. But if you like new stuff and you’re looking for ways to justify pizza for breakfast, this might just be your thing.

4. Clam

Sea and pizza go so well together that it’s hard to think of a reason why seafood toppings and pizza wouldn’t. And there isn’t!

We’ve loved and accepted tuna as part of our pizza experience for as long as we can remember. So, why not give clams a chance? Sure, it sounds weird, but who knows? It might just turn out to be your very fave thing.

5. Avocado

You can argue that avocado is just additional fat on a pizza, but the avocado-lovers army might feel differently. We could all go for a little avocado toast from time to time, and we’ve all grown to embrace this generation’s affection towards avocado.

Is it time we start putting on our pizzas too? 

All in all, the options that the big world of pizza offers are so numerous that there’s something for everyone.

There’s a massive amount of toppings, crusts, sizes, and sauces to choose from, and we can customize it to the tiniest detail. So let’s all agree on one thing, whether you like pineapples (not judging) on it or you enjoy a more traditional version, a pizza is one of the tastiest and most loved foods on the planet. 

Classic Italian Pizza Toppings

Classic Italian Pizza Toppings

The passionate people of Italy have very strict likes when it comes to what they want on top of their pizza. They like fresh ingredients, their sauces are earthy with fresh herbs, their toppings are not mixed into oblivion, and their main ingredient is their own love for it. Here are the top classic pizza toppings in Italy:

1. Prosciutto

When it comes to meat on a pizza, Italians have a different way about it than other countries. While Americans like to overflow their pizzas with various meat options, Italians are more prone to picking one and sticking to it.

Their most popular choice to this day remains prosciutto. And for a good reason, too. This bad boy alone is enough to tingle your senses and awaken your taste buds.

2. Burrata

There’s never enough cheese on a pizza, and Italians live by that. So, burrata being high on the list of their favorite toppings comes as no surprise.

With your cheesy flavor doubled and minus the heaviness that comes with mozzarella, this is an option that took a stairway from heaven onto our pizzas. And if you’re not convinced by these words, give it a try and try not to fall in love.

3. Truffle 

Considering Italian countryside is swarming with them, it is only natural for truffles to be found on top of a pizza. They’re used in pasta, just as often as they are used on pizzas. These delightful little flavor-enhancers tend to taste exactly as they smell: nutty, earthy, sweet, and with notes of olivey stinginess. No wonder Italians have a soft spot for them!

4. Eggplant

While eggplants are more prone to end up on our sandwiches, they’re just as tasty as toppings on our pizzas. And, eggplant on pizza is a great way to healthy it up and keep your conscience clear.

5. Honey

Now here’s one that you never thought you’d find near pizzas: honey. Yes, this isn’t your traditional topping.

If you’re bored with your Margherita and are on the look-out for some fun to have with it, drizzle some honey on your cooked pizza. This super sweet option is gonna have you questioning the way you ate pizza your whole life.

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