5 Quintessential Delhi delicacies
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Your relationship with a city is not solidified until and unless you have known and tasted the delicacies that make it what it is. Delhiites are known in general for their love of food. They engage in intimate liaisons with everything from mouth watering kebabs from Lucknow, to tangy pav vajis from Mumbai, to exciting Appam from Chennai, to plum rasgullas from Bengal. Delhi is the melting pot of diverse culinary cultures. It has taken some as they are and modified some to fit their taste. We will pick out a few dishes and put them in a random order; these are dishes that glow the brightest in the foodscape of Delhi NCR.

Quintessential Delhi delicacies

Chhole Bhature

You can scroll through 50 food blogs featuring North Indian food and this little dish will make an appearance in each one of them. Round, hollow, fried breads made of maida flour called Bhature come coupled with a spicy, tangy, chickpea curry, Chhole. This pair was conceived in the 1940s in Delhi and ever since then it has been a part of the breakfast, refreshments, brunches and whimsical munches for people all over North India. It is a simple dish often relished with chopped onions and pickle. You can find it in the tiniest streetside shack as well as in the best Indian restaurant in Noida and other parts of the NCR.

Paneer Tikka

Do not make the mistake of considering this a sad compensation for vegetarians who cannot enjoy the chicken tikka or the galouti kebabs. Paneer Tikka has its own rightful place in Delhi’s culinary map. Non-vegetarians dig it just as much as the vegetarians. Succulent cubes of cottage cheese marinated and smeared in spices, mounted on a stick, heated, and served with lemon juice or other assortments, that is paneer tikka for you. If you like the sound of it, you will definitely love the taste of it, and the aroma will seal its place on your list of favourites.

The parathas 

Food is a great deterrent of depression and avails relief from frustration. Few items do it better than the stuffed parathas of Delhi. The chur chur naans do make a good argument as street food but the stuffed ones rule. Even if you are in the NCR for one day and do not taste the keema paratha you may be liable to lose your right to call yourself a foodie.

The chaats

I had the Dahi Bhalla at Chandni Chowk only once a few years ago and I swear, I can still bring some sensations back from that experience. The Papri chaat, the Alu chaat, and the Gol gappas, shine in their own light too. What I think really makes a difference is the side. The green chutney, sweet sonth chutney, or the yogurt, need to be at their most consistent to make the magic happen.

Some Kulfi to round it up

It is ice-cream, just better, creamier, denser, and healthier. Delhi meals stay incomplete without this cold paradise. Top it up with pistachios, real fruits, or faluda, and you have got yourself a treat & you can share your business story here & viral your business.

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