Garena Free Fire: Is It Another Gem Of The Famous Genre – Battle Royale?
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One of the top game developers in Indonesia – Garena, developed its latest take on the game genre of battle royale by releasing Free Fire.


Garena free fire mod is mainly a mobile game designed for both Android and iOS platforms. It closely relates to the genre of survival. Despite zombie games symbolizing the genre of survival for years, it is games like Garena free fire mod that now symbolize survival games.

Game Theory

The game starts with the player being landed on an unknown island from an aircraft. There are forty-nine other people who also land along with you. The players motive is to wander across the island and collect ammunition, weapons and healing aids. The ulterior motive of the player is to demolish any opposition and become the last person standing on the island. But Garena free fire mod is not as easy as it sounds.

The game starts to get complicated with time. After reaching a certain level, the player needs to limit himself within a safe limit. If he fails to do so, then he is in danger and can be defeated easily. The game deploys different types of vehicles which help the player reach the safe zone faster. These vehicles also ensure that you kill your enemies and eradicate any threat on your way to the safe zone.

Each game is played for a duration of ten minutes within which the player must kill the maximum number if enemies and land himself within the safe zone to emerge victoriously.

Additional feature

The game allows a player to form a team of four people and play as a team together against others. Members within the same team can communicate with each other all along the game to establish the best strategy to be the last one surviving on the island.


Garena free fire mod is a game that involves the use of a lot of control switches. A player will die and lose almost immediately after being landed on the island if he is unaware of the controls. These controls enable the player to attack, escape and even lay down on the ground to hide. So, if anyone tries his hands at the game without knowing the controls by heart, he will not make much progress.

Feel of the Game

Even if the game sounds interesting but the graphics fail to impress the players. The game fails to engage the player and the graphic is low spec.


If the game fails in terms of visual appeal, it has the advantage of customization. The players can choose from an array of costumes to design their own character. But the only challenge is to get your hands on these customizable clothing options, one must invest real money.


Garena free fire mod is a lot like the famous battle royale game – Pubg! The only drawback is its low key graphic design that fails to impress the players. But with new challenges and modifications almost regularly, this game is worth a try.

How to install Garena Free Fire Mod?

Installing a mod file is very easy, as you don’t need to root your device.

Just download the free fire mod apk file from this link. Install it and open it. There are some easy steps to follow in order for the mod to start. Try it now!

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