Top 10 Best mobile games for IOS and Android Phones
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Mobile Games; An elixir of life for the video game industry – With the high-tech, advanced iOS and Android models flooding the market every year, the gaming industry has experienced a tremendous renovation recently. The heavy gaming PC’s that represented, the pillars of the industry, happened to have exchanged roles with the mobile devices that previously formed the roof. And so, the game developers and phone makers are adapting to the change. Numerous popular desktop and console games have already inaugurated their mobile versions. And we have been witnessing the launch of several new enthralling games in recent times. Let’s have a quick overview of the best iOS and Android-based games launched yet.

Best android mobile game

  • Fortnite 

Ever since its first release in 2017, the Fortnite action-based video game has won many awards and hearts of millions of hardcore gamers. Developed by Epic Games, the game offers three modes including Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. The first mode allows up to players to battle against zombie-looking creatures and rescue the world. The second game mode extends the fighting zone to 100-players who fight each other till one remains. The third mode goes even further and allows the players the choice to create worlds and battle arenas. The game is available free of cost for both Android and iOS. Thus, be prepared for an action-filled gaming session with Fortnite!

  • Candy Crush 

Launched for iOS and Android in November 2012, Candy Crush is the game that was downloaded over 10 million times in its very first month and has been a success ever since. What grasps a player’s attention is the uniquely crafted design and strategy of the basic version of Candy Crush, as well as, its subsequent versions. The game revolves around swapping similarly colored pieces of candy across a game board to clear the board. With the right matches, the player achieves the score goal and proceeds on to the next level with more invoking goals to accomplish. Unlike expensive simple logic problem-solving games, Candy Crush is free of cost game that has a more interesting and theoretical approach.

  • Life is Strange 

“Life is Strange” is an adventurous video game that proceeds in episodes. With a total of 5 episodes, the game plot appears to be largely intriguing while retaining its precise nature. The game developers, don’t nod Entertainment, released it in 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android.  The game involves many quests and puzzles whereby the main protagonist Max Caulfield takes the responsibility of protecting the town against the storm. Max Caulfield is an 18-year-old photography student with the ability to rewind the time. The game is an ideal one for players who love to engage in the plot, interact with characters, and take decisions.

  • Clash of Clans 

Ever since its release in 2012, Clash of Clans (COC) has been dominating Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. It has even achieved the title of the top-ranking, highest-grossing app.

The main idea of COC is fortifying a base and then, protecting it from any other invading players. Logging out of the game means leaving your base undefended. Any other player who’s actively playing when you’re away is at liberty to attack and take hold of your resources. Thus, you must plan out your moves in Clash of Clans carefully. To gather resources, you can raid other player’s base. Eventually, with increased resources and a better grip of the game, the player can level up the defense of his/her base. At this point, your base will be strong enough to withstand attacks while you’re away. Similarly, such challenges in the game improve the player’s leadership, decision-making, and strategy-building skills. 

  • PUBG Mobile 

Similar to Fortnite, PUBG Mobile offers a battleground to players where they battle against each other. PUBG Mobile has launched two versions including PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite for both iOS as well as Android. The high-quality graphics and visual effects have significantly contributed to the worldwide appreciation. Also, the players have the freedom to select an array of costumes, weapons, movement, and control options. The accessibility has attracted the Apple mobile users as well as Android users from all around the globe to participate and combat. 

PUBG Mobile Game

  • Shadowgun Legends 

The Shadowgun Legends is a recent addition to the Shadowgun series that Madfinger Games originally released in 2011. The game depicts the story of a group of highly skilled mercenaries called Shadowgun Legends, who fights against ultra-advanced alien colonizers. With a first-person viewpoint, the Shadowgun Legends offers dynamic gameplay with over 200 quests and missions. The game guarantees quality playtime with its extraordinary visual effects and audio system. Also, the encapsulating storyline is surely going to keep you allured for days!

  • Riptide GP: Renegade 

Developed by Vector Unit, the Riptide GP: Renegade is a hydro jet racing game that focuses on a group of armored racers. These bikers dodge obstacles and exhibit risky stunts, steadily making their way up into the career. With increasing levels, the player can unlock new features, costumes, vehicles, and upgrades. Full of action and vigor, Riptide GP: Renegade is for daring and bold people. It is an ideal source of strengthening your gaming skills like strategy and quick decision making. Currently, the game is available for iOS, Android, Xbox, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation.

  •  Gone Home 

A project of the Fulbright Company, the video game “Gone Home” depicts realism, naturalism, and revolves around LGBT rights. The game has a powerful storyline that is set in 1955 and starts with the search of a house. With first-person control, the main protagonist Janice returns home to find it empty and scattered. Upon investigation, Katie learns about her sister Samantha being a lesbian and the forbiddance of their parents. Along with her search, Katie unravels many things that occurred while she was away from home. The unraveling tragedies and bittersweet truths are those elements that set Gone Home apart from all the other games. Also, the game is currently available for iOS only.

  • Pocket Run Pool

The Designer of Pocket Run Pool Zach Gage has created many classic games like chess and solitaire. Now he has created a new game of pool. Pocket Run Pool is amazing game available for both android and iOS devices. They constantly change table and bring new updates for users.

  • Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is a warships game in which you have to fight and survive in a Sea. It consist of amazing modern features. It has amazing graphics kid’s loves to play.

Today, the gaming world has advanced drastically with the application of newer technological methods. Thus, modern-day gamers get to experience high-quality and intense playtime. If you are also a hardcore gamer, then do try out the above-listed video games. These do not only offer idealistic playing standards but a gratifying storyline too. 

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