5 Best Practices for Custom Mobile Accessories Packaging
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Considering the time and effort that goes into manufacturing a new product, the last thing your company ever wants to see is buyers failing to take notice of your product in the retail environment. This shows that even the best new product won’t jump off the shelf if it doesn’t attract customers. 

Although marketing can take a product from anonymity to mainstream popularity in a quick time, the study shows it barely affects unplanned purchases inside the store. And these unintended purchases are the key source of profit for many retail outlets, like gas stations and supermarkets where in-store marketing and attractive packaging designs greatly influence purchase decisions. 

The same holds true for custom mobile accessories boxes. But like any other packaging, these type of boxes have their own set of challenges. While there is a lot to think about for mobile accessories boxes. Here are some of the easiest to forget things that can make your mobile accessories packaging a success.    

Protect Product

The fundamental purpose of a mobile accessories box is to protect the encased items. One can’t stress this enough. Why? Even if you have the most stunning packaging in the world, it would be worthless if your accessories arrive damaged or broken.  

Package Size 

It can be an enticing idea to get one-size fits all box in order to avail a bulk discount. But be aware, shipping costs are usually calculated by the size of the package rather than the weight of the encased product. To prevent cost overrun, it’s best to use packaging sizes that perfectly fit your products. 

Using perfect or small size boxes will help you cut your shipping cost as they occupy less space and give you extra room to ship more packages. All you need to do is join hands with a professional packaging company in the US like The Legacy Printing that can provide you high-quality custom mobile accessories packaging at affordable prices. This way, you won’t have to pay an exorbitant price to ship your products.           

Track Inventory 

Running out of packaging boxes can cause a delay in customer shipments. This means you need to arrange for expedited shipping that comes at an additional cost. To avoid this additional expense and customer rage, you must keep an eye on your box stock just the way you monitor your product stock. There is nothing worse than not being able to dispatch wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes in a timely manner. 

Branded Packaging 

Think about how your product can make a positive impact on your customers when they will receive and open the box. An ideal way is to add simple branding at certain touch points that have a high impact. But if you add the branding to your shipping boxes, it will help promote your brand across the country or globe as your package will get to travel the world or country. So any visual branding on the packaging is likely to lure eyeballs.  

Start Local 

Getting your packaging done overseas might save you some bucks but can also cause a delay in the launch of your product if there’s an interruption in the manufacturing process or your packages aren’t shipped on time. However, working with a local packaging company can prove more fruitful. Not only it will save you time and effort, but you can work with someone whom you can meet in person or connect over the phone without worrying about communicating an idea. This will save you numerous iterations and months of back and forth. Talk to a local packaging company now and see if they can bring down their pricing to keep you competitive.

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