6 Stunning Flowers Alternatives for the Red Roses
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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings, and everyone wants to express it attractively. So, what is the best way to propose to someone as compared to a beautiful bouquet? Yes, people have used a red rose to express their feelings since ancient times. A beautiful bouquet of red roses is the perfect gift for your love and reveals all your feelings effortlessly. 

No doubt, when anyone sends red roses to anyone he or she will understand the message you are sending. But do you know not only red roses but also many other flowers are capable of expressing your love feelings? Yes, if you want to make your gift more unique and special, then you can choose some other flowers that represent the same meaning as the red rose. 

To help you comprehend the options available, here are romantic flower alternatives to the classic red roses. The next time you have the chance to send flowers that require a gesture of love and maybe some love, remember this list and get creative with your choice.


It is a gorgeous flower with its thick and rounded ruffled petals and shows a stylish look and feel. Peony symbolizes prosperity, romantic love, and a happy marriage. This flower is native to the Chinese, and the name of the peonies means “most beautiful.” It is also associated with wealth and honor. 

The pink and white peonies are ideal for weddings. Pink peonies represent the meaning of romance, and white peonies convey bashfulness and innocence. A deep red peony is a symbol of respect and love. Peonies are available mostly from May to September. You can go for online flower delivery in Delhi and other cities to get the best arrangement for your special one. 


Anemone is also a lovely flower and blooms in the morning. It is also known for its use in medicines and is said to ward off illness and preserve health. If you want to add good luck and prosperity to your dear one’s life, then you can choose a bouquet of anemone. Red anemones represent the feeling of love, romance, and happiness. 

Blue anemones are intended to symbolize grace and respect. The white anemone is the best wedding flower as a symbol of purity and innocence. The yellow anemone is a sunny, bold symbol of joy, enthusiasm, and joy. So, order flowers online and send it to your love for making them feel very special. 


Anthurium is also one of the best flowers that you can give your loved one for expressing your love. It comes in a heart shape, that’s why it’s perfect for sending a message of love. It symbolizes happiness and kindness. The glossy, heart-shaped spathes and slender bright-colored spadices convey a symbol of love. 

The anthurium is a long-standing extension to any arrangement and depending on the color; such as red and pink express love and passion, the white color of anthurium is a symbol of purity and innocence and light pink anthurium represents the feeling of femininity and motherly love.


This flower comes in a wide variety of colors, and each color represents its own meaning. They’re famous for their tube-shaped petals, which results in gigantic blooms. This is the best flower that you can use to make a strong bond with your special one. 

Red dahlia represents the meaning of strength, and pink and purple are associated with kindness and grace. You can also choose blue and green hues that are related to big fresh starts. White dahlia, on the other hand, is a symbol of staying focused and pure.


Carnation is a symbol of bravery and strength, where each color has its specific meaning. This flower conveys the feeling of desire, power, and interest to learn more about someone. Pink carnations are perfect for your mom because it symbolizes gratitude, Red carnations symbolize love while dark red means deep affection and romance. 

The purple carnation is used as a sign of pity, whereas the white carnation shows kindness in America. But the white carnation also signifies innocence and happiness and thus is often used in wedding arrangements.


Orchids are very stunning flowers and come in various colors, and each one represents many good sentiments. Orchids are a symbol of beauty, charm, and thoughtfulness and also have a deep meaning associated with them. 

Red orchids represent courage, a pink orchid symbol of happiness and joy, and purple admiration and dignity. So, if you want to express all your feelings to your lover, then you can also choose a mix color of orchid to represent all your feelings. 
So, send orchids online by online flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities to your loved one and perfectly express them your all emotions. These are the best and unique flowers that you can use for expressing your love, care and affection to a special one and make them feel happy.

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