Home Declutter Tips for a Stress-Free Environment Amid Isolation Period
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People bunkering in their houses is the new normal way of life, following the social-distancing game plan to help flatten the coronavirus curve. That being said, we all have an abundance of free time on our hands now and most of us are probably thinking of better ways to use it. While some homeowners are busy being project home builder wannabes with simple and easy renovations, others find fun and relaxation in decluttering their houses à la Marie Kondo.

Getting through this pandemic, it is so important to look after our mental health. Experts believe that clean and organised homes can alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. By clearing out your own space, you get to move your body, have better sleep, and most importantly, improve your focus, especially in these chaotic times. Not to mention the bonus point of finding something that has been missing for years, whether it’s your favourite earring or a sentimental item. 

So, consider the more time spent at home as an opportunity to clear out the closets, kitchens, and other cluttered areas at home. Reorganising the house does not have to be difficult so we are giving you a few tips on how to declutter your house like a pro. 

Start by Clearing the Shelves and Closets 

Scores of expired items and those never used are probably hiding inside your shelves and kitchen cabinets, waiting for you to send them out. Now is the best time to toss all your expired stuff into disposal. If there are marks of unused items, reevaluate each of them so that you would know which ones to keep and which ones to send to a food donation bank or shelter.

The same thing works for your closet. If you are a hoarder of clothes, then you must know how it feels like to watch your old clothes pile up in there. For every piece of clothes in your closet, you should ask these questions to yourself: “Do I love it?”, “Do I wear it?”, or “Does it fit?”. The last question is definitely the “light-bulb” question for many of us. Even if we love that shirt, it’s not like we want to wear it in front of the others. So, let go of the pieces that do not fit you well in order to make way for the clothes and shoes that you actually wear every day.       

Categorise with Labels 

Decluttering does not always mean throwing things away. In another context, decluttering would also mean getting things reorganised. One of the most effective ways to sort your things out is to group them by category. Some people use bins to separate items from one another.  

For example, organise your books alphabetically or according to colours, sizes, or genre. Put bathroom essentials in zip-top bags. Keep electrical cords in a bin. When things are arranged by category, you can easily find what you are looking for. One tip if you are using bins for storage, always use the clear ones as things inside covered boxes or bags can be hard to identify. Otherwise, label your bins to know what’s inside.  

Repurpose Items

Instead of throwing away those empty pasta sauce jars, why not give them a new purpose in the kitchen? Clean these glass-canning jars so you can store cooking items such as nuts, raisins, sugar, and the like. Everything looks prettily arranged in glass jars, especially when they have the same sizes. Plus, it’s easy to see what stuff is inside. 

If you have unused tins or jewellery boxes, repurpose them into makeshift dividers in your cluttered drawers. Tins can vary in shapes and colours but we want to keep a theme as much as possible. So, try repainting them with one colour to create a cohesive style.   

Separate daily from rarely-used items

Surround yourself with the things you regularly use in order to make the household a bit easier. We only want to see the items we need. So, pay attention to the things you only use once in a while and keep them in a storage that is separate from your everyday tools.   

Think Green

Never ever throw any plastic stuff into a dumpster or a junk truck when you can consider taking them to toxic waste disposal centers where they can be recycled. If you have plastic toys, chairs and tables, donate them directly to people instead of leaving the items cluttered on your driveway.      

Do not focus on getting rid of stuff

Rather, focus on making wise decisions by taking a moment to think 10 years ahead. Before you throw away that stuff, think about if this will serve you 10 years from now. Will you still use it? Or Will you even love it still? This way helps you avoid throwing away all your stuff and having regrets in the future.  

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