Home Projects to Start During Social Isolation
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Making upgrades to your home can take some time depending on the project. The best way to decide which project to tackle first is to make a list of what projects you want and need to do and the expected cost and time commitment each of these projects will require. This way you can prioritize the projects and make sure you have enough time to get it completed by the specific time you would like. For those of you who have taken on a project and struggled to complete it, you already know how frustrating it can be to have an incomplete project. If you plan accordingly, you can transform your home little by little throughout the year.

This article will outline some changes you can make to your home while you are practicing social isolation to get your home ready ahead of time to help create a sanctuary during these troubling times.

Below we’ve outlined tips on how to upgrade your home while many businesses are closed, and resources are limited:

1. Organization

Take time to organize things around your home – add shelves, storage baskets, etc. throughout your home. Many of these materials are still able to be ordered online, allowing you to stay isolated. This is the simplest and easiest step. It is amazing how much more space and light you have when things are organized. This will also help you see what changes you want to make once everything is neat and tidy.

Here are some key places to organize:

  • The garage: make use of your garage and attempt to keep things as organized as possible (for example, hang bikes on the wall instead of putting them in the corner.) Keep your storage area organized by section (label your boxes to make things easier to find when needed, that way you don’t have to open multiple boxes to see what is inside or rummage through different areas trying to find the box you need).
  • Your closet(s) – get rid of clothes that no longer fit you or are worn out. Then organize your remaining clothes by section (by color, by category; jackets, tank tops, long sleeves, etc.). Hang shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, etc. on a hanger and hold up smaller, or rarely used items, into drawers. This is the perfect time to donate your old clothes and give back to your community during a time of need.
  • The pantry – make things more accessible and add healthier choices.
  • Moving experts recommend regularly organizing areas of your home so that if you potentially have to move the process is streamlined and simplified.

2. Update your light fixtures  

Lighting throughout your home can make a surprisingly big difference. Replace dim or broken lights both inside and outside the house. Along with cleaning and organizing this is one of the simplest and cheapest changes you can make. It will also help clarify what still needs to be changed after everything is lit up. The other bonus here is that these are materials that can be ordered online, allowing you to continue your self-isolation.

You can start small and prioritize sections of your home – the entrance, the dining room chandelier, the hallway, or the kitchen. Is there a place where light is needed but doesn’t exist?

Matt Edstrom, of GoodLife Home Loans, recommends this as not only a personal upgrade, but an important upgrade to consider when putting your home up for sale. “Lighting can make a considerable difference in the atmosphere of a home and is an affordable way to automatically increase the potential for how much you’re able to sell for”.  

3. Update your kitchen hardware or appliances 

Get your kitchen ready for those summer and holiday parties, assuming that social quarantine is over by the time summer rolls around. If you are considering moving forward with party plans, it is a wise time to consider purchasing event insurance due to the unpredictable nature of the current social climate.

Perhaps a fresh set of new paint to revamp your kitchen or replacing your old kitchen faucet. These are updates that are easy to do yourself with materials that you can access somewhat easily. We recommend upgrading to a chrome handle and faucet. Not only do they look clean and modern, but they also catch in the light.

Replace your old fridge, if you want a bigger one or one with more features. Keep in mind that this might require installment by a third party which would break your quarantine.

Replace cabinets or cabinet knobs. Even if you are not completely redesigning the kitchen, just replacing worn-out doors and handles can go a long way to making the kitchen look nice. This is an upgrade that can be completed on your own but may require two people to conduct safely.

4. Outdoor modifications    

Get your patio summer ready while you daydream of your extroverted days. Take some time to clean your grill, sweep your patio or deck, and remove spiderwebs and dust from patio furniture.

This is another great opportunity for updating your patio furniture. You now have an endless amount of time to browse the internet for the perfect patio set. You may also want to consider starting a garden during your social isolation. Gardening is known for having a variety of therapeutic benefits which may be just what you need to shake up your rut and prevent or lessen your concerns about the unknown future. Making updates to your outdoor areas is a great way to get some sun and lift your spirits.

5. Make bathroom updates       

As always, clean and organize before you make any other changes.

Update bathroom sink or faucet. A new sink or even just a new faucet can help make the bathroom seem shiny, new, and keep it looking modern. Considering adding some wall art to your bathroom if you don’t already have some. The bathroom is the perfect place to put silly or quirky wall art that you may not think of placing elsewhere. If you are really bored, have some fun with all the toilet paper you’ve hoarded and create a work of art.

If the showerhead is not working or is ready for an upgrade, consider replacing it with something new. Again, speak to an employee at a store like Home Depot who will be able to help you find something in your price range. Many of these retailers offer an online chatbot so that you can get the answers you need right from the comfort of your home.

Start sprucing up your home during this downtime!

While it is easy to feel discouraged by the current pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize your extra downtime to clean up your space. Making this effort can help you feel like you have more control over your current situation and will likely provide you with some peace of mind. It is a productive way to distract yourself and bring some feng-shui into your life during this crazy time.

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