Log Cabins as a Second Home
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Do you want a second home but you think you can’t afford it? Think again, because a log cabin could be the answer.

Gone square measure the times once log cabins had dirt floors and no utilities. Today’s log cabins are often as snug as your own home; with insulated walls, tiled roof, full heating plant, and double glazed windows.

A cabin as a second home will alter you to own vacation in an exceedingly favorite location at any time. they’rechanging into a well-liked selection as a result of a cabin tends to own lower terms than a conventional brick building of a similar size, and low mortgage rates square measure still on the market. A cabin as a second home is often bought used, brand new, or designed as a DIY project, and there square measure firms that focus on every one of those areas. If you’ve never experienced life in a log cabin, you could ‘test the water’ before buying, by renting a holiday log cabin. There are holiday log cabins within Ireland or as far afield as Dublin.

log Cabins as home

When buying a new log cabin for a second home, you have the option of working with a design team to alter the floor plans to suit your individual requirements, and you can choose your own décor. They are often located in parks with other log cabins and they have the convenience of local amenities nearby such as shops, a swimming pool, and a golf course. On top of your monthly mortgage, (if you need one) there is the monthly park fee to consider before you buy.

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Building your own log cabin as a second home gives you the option to erect your log cabin wherever you want (subject to planning permission). However, suitable building sites in isolated parts of the country may be cheaper to buy, but they can be filled with added or hidden costs such as sand, clay or rocky soils that may need additional engineering. There may be steep hills and mountains that can affect the transportation of necessary equipment, and extra utilities may need to be fitted, such as a septic tank, etc.

Before you take the plunge into buying a plot of land to build your own log cabin as a second home, do some research into your costs, so you know exactly what you can or cannot afford. There are also some questions you should ask: do you intend to retire to your log cabin one day? How often will you visit your log cabin? Will you rent it out to other people when you aren’t using it? Will you need to build guest rooms for visitors, or will you avoid having visitors stay overnight? Will you build the log cabin yourself or hire builders? How big do you want your log cabin? The bigger the log cabin the more maintenance work will be needed. Will you do your own.

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