5 Ways You Can Save Space in Your Wardrobe
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Owning a small wardrobe can cause headaches, but it shouldn’t be a concern. There are several ways of organizing your closet such that it appears bigger. With the right tips and some patience, you might discover that the wardrobe you consider small can suit your needs.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize the storage space in your wardrobe.


Regardless of size, every wardrobe has the potential to store items. The layout of your closet should be the obstacle to achieving your storage needs.

The best use case for vertical space is storing belts, scarves, and purses. This ensures that you can quickly access these accessorieswithout interfering with the other stuff in the closet.

It would be best if you also used the top and bottom sections of your wardrobe. Suchspaces are ideal for keeping items that you use less often like luggage and out of season outfits.

Hang Shoes

Shoes usually take up a lot of space in wardrobes. Instead of placing them in a closet, it is better to invest in a shoe rack. This equipment not only keeps your footwear from the floor, but it also makes them more accessible anytime you want to go out.

Paint Lighter Colors

A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to create an illusion that your closet is spacious. When choosing the colour, go for durable options like those with a gloss finish. This is because wardrobe walls are susceptible to the wear and tear caused by clothes and shoes.

Lighter colours such as white, pale pink and light yellow make the closet appear cleaner and brighter. Moreover, bright hues can make a small space look open and airy.

If you don’t like painting, you can stick a wallpaper instead. The advantage of this method is that you can change the wallpaper anytime you feel like it.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make any space look bigger than it actually is. That said, you should not go for any mirror. Instead, invest in a full-length mirror that runs from the top to the bottom of your closet door, preferably on the outside. A full length mirror comes in handy while dressing.

Use the Doors

Although they are often overlooked, wardrobe doors can help in maximizing the amount of space in your closet.  For instance, you can hang hooks to store handbags, pyjamas, and scarves on the inside of your wardrobe door. Alternatively, you can install a corkboard where you can keep jewellery and other accessories.

However, this does not apply to sliding door wardrobes because it can interfere with the opening mechanism. In such cases, you can replace the door with hinged doors or bi-fold doors.


These are only but a few ways of optimizing the storage space in your closet.  If you never want to run out of space, make sure that you remove clutter regularly, especially clothes that no longer fit. Also, invest in full-length war

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