What are Industrial Dampers? How is it Useful?
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Industrial dampers have been largely used by various industries whether they are a big or small industry. These industrial dampers turn out to be very useful for companies in many different ways. It is very important for the industry to establish industrial dampers inside the factory or industry. It depends on the personal choice of a person to buy which type of industrial damper for their use. There are various types of dampers that are manufactured by different companies. Here are some types of industrial dampers manufactured by various companies.

What is Industrial Damper?

Industrial dampers refer to as critical part of the air system of any industry, as dampers are designed in a way that helps to control clean air airflow, airstreams with corrosive gases, and airstreams with particulate. It depends on the type of application that is required by the ventilation system of any industry, and they can even be ducted as well as unducted depending on choice and needs. The construction of the industrial dampers includes various types of steel and fiber-reinforced plastic, which is typically applied to shut-off, isolation, pressure relief, fan airflow control, and bypass applications.

Types of Industrial Dampers

Butterfly Dampers

This damper is known to be the ideal damper for round ductwork where the requirement is of flow control and low leakage isolation. The Butterfly Damper is known to available in both single as well as multi-blade design, and it provides flue gas control as well as low cost of isolation to a person.


Swing-through Seal: It is ideal for dirty applications which do not require tight shut-off.

Step Seat: This design is suitable for clean flue gas applications.

Tadpole Seal: The rates of tighter leakage are required for clean applications.

Step Seat with Perimeter Seal: The blade has an elastomeric perimeter seal.

Louver Dampers

This damper is a perfect solution for various applications because it provides quick response, fast operating cycles, and zero leakage as well. This damper provides most demanding work environments, and it is specially engineered for isolation and precise flow control.


Single Louver Dampers: This design is for precise flow control as well as isolation.

Double Louver Dampers: This design damper is equipped with a second row of blades, seal air system, and flexible metal seals.

Guillotine Dampers

This damper helps to create flow isolation, during the inspection and maintenance of the damper. The Guillotine Damper has the ability to provide complete isolation and a tight shut-off and which takes a significant amount of space. These types of dampers can turn to be perfect for wide range multiple industries. A person who has a quite wide range of industries can undoubtedly choose Guillotine Dampers for their use.


Structural Seal Design: It is known to be a cost-effective solution for a clean gas stream.

Patented Bellowseal® Design: This is the patented technology with a durable seal suitable other solids that are present.

Inlet Vane Dampers

The applications which require fan shut-off and volume control can choose the Inlet Vane Dampers. The Inlet Vane Dampers comes in two different configurations, and this damper can be custom engineered and designed to meet the specification of the people.


Center Hub Design: This is used for clean air fans which operate at high static as well as velocity pressures.

Cantilever Design: It is for the environment subject that is dirty air as well as particles.

Uses of Dampers

  • The dampers help in the proper ventilation of the industry or factory.
  • The damper can help in the industrial cleaning by cleaning of the small dust particles.
  • These dampers can be used in multiple industries or factories.


The above-mentioned information is about the industrial dampers that are used by the industries for proper ventilation.

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