Your Guide to Shooting With Corrective Lenses
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When you unholster your gun and are ready to take a shot, you want to be able to see where you’re aiming. You also want to be able to see your sights. Without the right corrective lenses, many shooters can only see one and many others can see neither. Not only does this make aiming more difficult, but it can also be a potentially dangerous situation. With the right prescription shooting glasses from Safety Gear Pro, you can ensure clear vision whenever you are shooting.

Types of Corrective Lenses

Some people have difficulty seeing for most of their lives. Typically, they have myopia or astigmatism that causes them to have trouble seeing distant objects. The degree of vision difficulty can vary from a slight blurriness at a distance to a complete lack of clarity. Even in relatively mild cases, this can make seeing the target very challenging.

Other people have presbyopia or farsightedness. This is most common among older people. It typically occurs between around age 40 and 65. This type of vision problem can make seeing the sights difficult.

Some people suffer from both types of vision loss and may need multifocal lenses. Whatever your vision problems may be, they can cause some serious difficulty shooting.

Challenges of Poor Vision When Shooting

The most obvious issue caused by poor vision is that it is harder to hit the target. This is frustrating and makes shooting less productive. You’re there for a reason. Whether you are shooting for fun, practice or competition, being able to clearly see the target is essential. Furthermore, the solution is simple. With the right pair of prescription shooting glasses, you will be able to aim better comfortably.

However, difficulty with aiming isn’t the only problem. Low visibility (whether caused by vision issues, weather or other circumstances) significantly increases the likelihood of an accident. At the range, the layout helps control for this, but what about while hunting? What if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to defend yourself? Not dealing with your poor vision can be dangerous.

Solutions for Shooting With Corrective Lenses

Clear vision is essential for safe and accurate shooting. You can choose from a few options to help solve this issue.

Wear Your Existing Corrective Lenses

You can always use your existing corrective lenses while shooting. Contact lenses under shooting glasses are a workable solution, especially for nearsightedness. Although, some people find this uncomfortable for extended use.

Alternatively, you can wear eyeglasses. This is a very common solution. Unfortunately, it usually means giving up protective shooting glasses. This is not a good compromise. Safety glasses protect your eyes from ricochets, blowback and other hazards.

Use a Laser Designator

If you struggle with farsightedness, this can be an effective solution. Using a laser sight allows you to focus on the target and aim without having to rely as heavily on your iron sights. It is not a perfect solution in every scenario, but it can be helpful as it requires no additional equipment other than your gun.

Of course, this does not help with nearsightedness. So, people who need multifocal lenses or distant sight correction will need another solution.


Prescription Shooting Glasses

The best solution, especially when shooting targets or hunting, is to wear prescription shooting glasses. There are numerous options available ranging from wraparound sunglasses to high-contrast glasses for competition.

At Safety Gear Pro, we can add prescription lenses to a diverse array of shooting glasses frames. Simply explore our catalog to find a pair you like and select the “Add Prescription” option on the product page.

Some shooting glasses will accept prescription lenses directly in the frame. Others have an optional insert that can accommodate corrective lenses.

You should be wearing safety glasses whenever you shoot. As mentioned above, they provide essential protection. These are some of the benefits of protective shooting glasses:

Accidents happen a lot more than you think, and it only takes one to permanently damage your eyes. Even the cheapest ANSI-rated glasses can make a huge difference.

Most shooting glasses will help you see our target more easily.

Glasses can protect your eyes from dust, dirt, wind and other hazards in the environment. This is especially relevant when shooting.

With the option to have corrective lenses in your shooting glasses, there is no excuse not to wear proper eye protection. This is the best option for most circumstances.

Order From Safety Gear Pro Today

Get ready to shoot with the right prescription shooting glasses from Safety Gear Pro. We have an extensive catalog of safety equipment including many styles of safety glasses. Many people get into shooting to be able to protect themselves or be more self-sufficient. Don’t become a danger to yourself by neglecting to wear the right protective equipment. Order from Safety Gear Pro today and start shooting safely and with clear vision.

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