5 benefits of Transition lenses- Hack the eye issues.
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Enjoying the hues in the proper light is what we are all about. We all need that crisp light which can make our world brighter and shinier. But how to help yourself when you need smart eyewear that can protect your eyes in the sun and at the same time it can be your protective eyewear to solve all your eye problems? You need Transition lenses to say toodles to all the eye problems.

Daniel Skooty – a brilliant scientist invented photochromic eyeglass lenses to solve many eye problems and from then these lenses took to fame. Also known as photochromic lenses because they hold the power to adapt according to the environmental changes. They become your sunnies when you step out in the sun and completely clear when you come inside.

benefits of transition lenses

Transition lenses have evolved and the cutting-edge technology enables you to have many benefits as they are your :

  1. Smart lenses: Going by their name with the transition signature series you can see your lenses change colour at a very fast speed. With the advancement in the technology, there will be no looking backs to the time when photochromic lenses used to take time in their switching action. As the new lenses have a high conversion speed to adjust at the same time as of your eyes.   
  2. Versatile lenses: In the world that is changing at a faster, our eye gears should also be that pro and that is where these transition eyeglass lenses make their way. You will require just a pair of lenses to be an all-rounder. The complaint that why can’t there be a single pair to become my dress glasses and my prescription glasses is solved with the new transition technology. Theses lenses are good to go with all kind of designer prescription glasses.
  3. Protective lenses: After solving the juggling problems between your sunnies and prescription eyeglass, the question that arises is are they as good as my prescription or sunglasses? Yes, they are because they gave that power to shield you from the harmful UV rays that can damage the macula of your eye and also hold the power to provide enhanced vision clarity, prevent dry eyes, and eyestrains.
  4. Blue-light blockers: Yes the power that your traditional lenses had is with the photochromic lenses also. Now you can say block the blue-light and guard your eyes against fatigue, and sleep well. Transitions can block the blue-light outdoor as well as indoor so that they are your perfect protective eyewear.
  5. All-time partner: The tint of the transition lenses change according to the intensity of UV light falling on them. If the day is sunny the lenses will have a dark tint and on an overcast day, there will be lighter tints. So do not worry about lugging of glasses, about the UV rays just enjoy the sun and your work.

So, gone are the days where you need to maintain the habit to have separate sunglasses and prescription glasses. It is just one glass with the power of two. Thinking to make Transition lenses your specs frames partner? Just reach Specscart – one of the leading eyewear brands in the UK and choose your frames according to your face shape, hair colour, and your skin tone.

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