6 effective tips to pamper your Hair for this Summer
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Summers are already here, and now is the time for vacations, outings, and exploration. But, directly getting exposed to hot Sun in this season can damage your hair a lot. So, below are a few haircare tips for you to enjoy gorgeous hair this summer.

Cover your hair:

The UV rays from the Sun will harm the hair. Moreover, when you go out with your hair uncovered, the dust combines with the sweat in your head, and makes your greasy. So, either wear a hat or tie a scarf when you are stepping out in the Sun. You may also apply conditioners that have high SPF.

Avoid heat styling:

With all the heat in and around you, if you apply additional heat to your hair, it damages more. So, try to reduce using hot blow dryer and flat-iron on the hair in this season.

Chlorine and salt water:

What is more refreshing than diving into a swimming pool on a hot summer day? We all love to enjoy in the pools and at the beaches to beat the heat. But the damage done to the hair by the chlorine in the water is immense. Chlorine and salt water remove the moisture in the hair and make it very dry. So, whenever you dive into a pool remember to wear a swimming cap. Also, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly once you come out of the water, if you don’t want your hair to look like hay.


With all the sweat and heat around, we tend to skip oiling our hair. But oil is very much essential as it helps in strengthening the hair. It also prevents the dryness on the scalp. So, make sure you are oiling your hair at least twice a week.

Treat it inside out:

You can enjoy bright and luscious locks when you treat them inside out. Add as many fruits and vegetables as you can to your diet and drink plenty of fluids to give the natural shiny look to your hair.

Apply hair masks:

Hair masks make wonders to your hair. They revitalise and rejuvenate your hair. Haircare masks help in moisturising and prevent the dryness in the scalp. They deeply nourish the hair and strengthen your locks.  For more benefits, you can also switch between different hair masks.  

Remember, proper haircare can make your hair glare. Yet, if you are facing any hair issues this season, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Based on the issues you have, your doctor might prescribe you certain medicines. Don’t skip those medicines, but use them regularly. For continual usage, you may order medicines online. As an added advantage, you can get medicine delivery at home.

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