7 Health Issues Caused by Bad Oral Health
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The oral health is much more than just the health of the gums, teeth and mouth. Your smile is something that people notice in the first place and that is why it plays a major role in creating a great first impression. Thus, your oral health contributes massively towards building up your self-confidence.  

Added to that, the mouth happens to be the primary entryway into the body and the poor oral health can affect the body in a negative manner. So it is imperative that you take care of your oral health and lookout for symptoms that can signify deterioration.

The teeth that ache, the breath that smells and the gums that bleed can all be pointers of poor oral health

The bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream on any day and it can give rise to inflammation wherever it spreads. For this reason, it is crucial to look after your mouth so that your overall health is not affected by your oral health.

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Here are some of the common health issues that can be caused by poor oral health. Just take a look.


  • Cardiovascular Disease – This implies heart disease. The bacteria from the inflammation of the periodontal disease and gums can enter the bloodstream and travel to the arteries in the heart. This can lead to the Atherosclerosis. Plaque can develop on the inner wall of the arteries as a result of the Atherosclerosis. This can thicken the wall which, in turn, can reduce and decrease the flow of blood through the body. This can augment the chances of stroke and heart attacks. The inner lining of the heart can also get inflamed and infected because of this. This is called endocarditis.
  • Dementia – The poor oral health is capable of affecting the brain. The substances that are released form the gums are further inflamed by the infection. This can actually kill the brain cells and thus lead to the loss of memory. Thus, the possible Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can result from the gingivitis when the bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream or spread to the nerve channels.
  • Diabetes – It is a well-known fact that that the diabetic people are more prone to the gum ailment. New studies reveal that the gum ailment can actually contribute towards the diabetes and it also impacts the controlling of the blood glucose. In fact, doctors are of the opinion that as the periodontal disease happens to be an infection, toxins are produced by the bacteria which affect the metabolism of carbohydrate in each cell. There is also one belief that the response of host to the periodontal disease can enhance the insulin resistance as well as the blood glucose levels. Therefore, it is a must that you take care of your oral health especially because the diabetes incidence is quite common these days.
  • Complications in Pregnancy – It is essential for the expectant mothers to practise good oral hygiene. During the pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes. As a result of that, women are more disposed to periodontal diseases. Naturally, the infection in the body of the mother increases her risk of pregnancy complications. The oral health issue in the mother like the gingivitis and the periodontitis are known to lead to low birth rates in infants and premature birth. Therefore, both the mother and the baby can be at risk of serios health problems because of the gum disease.
  • Lung Infections – As the patients of gum disease have more bacteria breeding in their mouths, they are more susceptible to inhaling the germs which can cause pneumonia and other lung infections. In case of those, who have lung problems previously like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, the gum disease can make it further worse for them.
  • Osteoporosis – Bone loss is one common thing that binds gum disease and osteoporosis together. However, this link is quite controversial. While the gum disease attacks the jawbone, the osteoporosis affects the longer bones in the legs and the arms. Again, there are others who point out that osteoporosis mainly affects the women whereas periodontitis is more common among the men. Although the link is not established firmly, certain studies have shown that women with osteoporosis are more prone to gum disease than those who don’t. Researchers are still probing whether the periodontitis triggered inflammation can weaken the bones in the other parts of the body as well.


  • Cancer – The poor oral health practices like using the tobacco product or smoking can lead to the throat and oral cancers. Nowadays, other types of cancer are also being linked to gum ailment. The risks of pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and the blood cancers are much higher for people who have deteriorating oral health as compared to those who can boast of a healthy mouth.

The above are some of the major health problems that are closely connected with poor oral health. For this reason, it is recommended that you should visit a reputed dentist in Greenpoint who can observe your oral health comprehensively and detect any underlying health issue so that you can take precaution before it is too late.

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