All You Need to Know About The Dental Crowns from The Cosmetic Dentist in Chino
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Have gaps in your teeth? The cosmetic dentist in Chino is most likely to suggest you to opt for dental crowns. The question is what are crowns and how do they help you with your teeth? They are prepared with the intent of closing the gaps that exist in your teeth. Apart from that, they offer better strength to the teeth and help prevent the decay and other things that could harm your teeth as a result. The overall appearance of the teeth is improved as a result of the cosmetic enhancements made as a result of the dental crowns. The question now is how dental crowns help, and what all you need to now about the crowns. Here we will give you a complete idea about all that you should know about crowns.

  • The need for crowns:

    Dental crowns are needed to protect teeth when they are on the verge of decaying or have cracked in parts. The idea behind is to protect the weakening tooth from falling apart or restore the already broken and severely discolored tooth. A dental crown is also used to save a tooth that has been damaged to the extent that it can’t support a filling.

  • The different types of crowns:

    The dental crowns are made using different materials including metals, alloys, minerals etc. Some of the classic examples involving these materials would be glass, porcelain, resin, porcelain fused to metal and gold alloy. Gold is one of the oldest metals used in preparing dental crowns. If you want something that is cheap and looks good, then stainless steel is your go-to material. Resin is also an alternative, which is considered to be cheap. You will need to choose the material and type of dental crown based on your goal and ultimate need.

  • An outline on the treatment:

    The treatment generally requires two sittings with your dentist. First is for examination, impression and tooth preparation and second for placement of the crown. At the first visit, you will need to undergo a thorough diagnosis, so that your dentist can understand your exact condition. Additionally, you’ll need to disclose your medical history and significant medical problem, such as diabetes or heart disease, if you have any. Once you’re considered for the treatment, you may have to undergo a root canal if your tooth has severely decayed. You’ll be given an anesthesia to numb your tooth, gum and surrounding area. The tooth will be filed down to make appropriate space for the crown. After that measurement is taken and sent to the laboratory for preparing a customized dental crown. At the second visit, your dentist will permanently cement the crown on your filed tooth. However, before that the size and measurement is checked to ensure that it fits perfectly. Adjustments are done until it’s reduced to the perfect size. You will be anesthetized before putting the dental crown.

  • Post Treatment:

    After treatment care is a must. Because if you get metal dental crowns, you may develop sensitivity or infection. Infection is a rare case but still there is a possibility. If you get porcelain crowns, they are at the risk of being chipped if you’re very casual. Therefore, it’s important to take proper care after treatment for successful results.

Once you have all the questions answered by the cosmetic dentist in Chino, you are ready to opt for the treatment, if you want.

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