Common Ayurveda Remedies on How to Deal with Cold and Cough
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A cough ceases to be a common ailment that emerges along with cold. In Ayurveda circles it is referred to as Kapha dosha. Cough is an ailment when accumulation of mucus from your respiratory tract occurs. With allopathic medicines there is a tendency to supress the cold, but with Ayurveda medicines an effort is made to eradicate the root cause of the disorder. For example when you opt for torex cough syrup buy online you can see the benefits of Ayurveda by yourself.

The reasons for cough can be manifold like smoke, excessive workout, dust, or even consuming food that are stale. With an Ayurveda form of treatment it is possible to break down the chain of pathogenesis that leads to coughing. In order to cure cough Ayurveda remedies like ginger, clove, garlic etc. are really beneficial. Another popular remedy to deal with cough is to consume equal amounts of lemon and honey juice. If you are facing issues with chronic cough mix Giloy juice with water as it works its magic as an anti- allergen. The cough that is caused due to allergic reactions is reduced.

The doctors of Ayurveda recommend a combination of Talisadi Churna, Sitopaladi Churna along with clove to treat cough.Another effective form of remedy in Ayurveda is Draksha. The treatment of cough is mainly related to your diet. Once you are suffering from any type of cough it is better to keep away from dairy products or mucous forming products like fruit juices or ice cream. Ideally you should be consuming more of hot drinks and snacks.

The onus should be on consumption of wheat, barley green gram, black gram or even horse gram. Chicken, fish or crab are also beneficial as it can help to deal with Vata cough. The patient should enhance the intake of garlic, cardamom, old ghee, goat’s milk etc.  Even a torex cough syrup for child might work out to be an effective form of remedy in such cases.

If the discharge is yellow accompanied by a burning sensation in your chest or throat, or even dryness then ghee should be used in order to combat this issue. In addition powdered lotus seeds or horehound help you to deal with this issue.

In Ayurveda dry cough is a form of cough that is painful, frequent in occurrence and accompanied by a wheezing sound. You can treat this type of cough with a combination of various Ayurveda herbs like liquorice or ashwagandha. Last but one of the effective home remedies for dealing with cough is turmeric. You should be drinking milk with 1/ 2 teaspoon of turmeric daily as this is going to help you in clearing the throat. If the cough is really bad you can add garlic to it and then see the results for yourself. Turmeric is loaded with an active component termed as cur cumin that possess anti – inflammatory, and anti- bacterial properties that help to deal with infection. This hot drink should be consumed before going to bed.

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