More About Foot Wart Removal in Texas
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Warts are generally ugly and they seem to never disappear quickly. Though they are harmless and disappear on their own, they can make walking, standing, running, and exercising painful and uncomfortable. Foot wart removal in Texas helps speed up the departure of warts. Warts grow in the upper skin layer, and they can be rough and raised with dark dots that are the capillaries that supply blood.

Prevention of plantar wart development

  1. Avoid touching warts
  2. If touch a wart wash, your hands after touching it.
  3. Do not pick a foot wart with your fingers.
  4. Avoid pumice stones and files that have been in contact with the affected area.
  5. Avoid being barefoot in public areas.
  6. Always keep your feet dry and clean.
  7. Change your shoes and socks frequently.

Plantar wart removal Houston

It has been indicated that warts go away on their own within a year or two years. This watchful waiting might not work for foot warts, and making it essential to seek plantar wart removal Houston to reduce virus shedding on the nearby skin tissue to reduce the chances of recurrence. Here are several foot wart removal options one can explore

Salicylic acid

It is a topical treatment used directly on the skin. The acid has minima side effects and it comes in different forms such as patches, gels, and liquids. Seek stronger concentrated salicylic acid for warts with thicker skin. To apply first, soak the wart for 15 minutes, then file away the dead skin with a pumice stone. Apply salicylic acid once or twice a day for 12 weeks. If the wart is under the foot a patch would work best because it will stay in place for several days. After the wart goes away continue treating for one more week to prevent a recurrence.


The foot wart removal expert sprays or swabs liquid nitrogen on the wart and surrounding area. The extreme cold burns the skin causing a blister. The treatment is repeated once a week, three to four times. Apply salicylic acid to encourage the skin to peel. The combination has been effective to cure 50% of the foot warts.

Duct tape

This is a low risk and low-tech approach worth trying when dealing with plantar warts. Wear a duct tape patch over the wart for six days then remove it and leave the wart uncovered overnight and, in the morning, reapply the tape for the next six days. This should be repeated for two months or until the wart disappears.

Zapping and cutting

Also known as curettage the podiatrist uses local anesthesia and uses an electric needle to drain the wart. They then use a curette to scrape away the skin on the wart. This treatment should be the last result for plantar warts that do not respond to other treatments and continue hindering the performance of day to day activities. This might have downtime when done on the soles of the feet.

Seek foot wart removal in Texas if you notice that the wart bleeds, or grows too quickly. If you notice changes in shape, color, and size consult a foot doctor to rule out any abnormalities.

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