Pregnancy Tiredness and Best Sleeping Position
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Pregnancy is one of the most special life-phases for most women. It is the coveted boon that they look forward to and strive to be the best versions of themselves for their emerging little bundles of joy. But just like you have to struggle to achieve everything that is worthy, this stage also involves a lot of discomfort and pain.

It can be an exhausting process for a woman who is undergoing pregnancy. The emotional stress as well as the physical discomforts of the pregnancy along with the prevalent mental stress can all accrue to cause the sleep issues at night and keep the would-be mothers awake throughout.

The hormonal alterations at this time can be responsible for making you feel exhausted, emotional and nauseous. Taking as much possible rest as possible is always suggested during pregnancy for this reason.

Although your persistent feeling of exhaustion won’t harm you or your baby but this is capable of making your life more challenging.

So here are certain tips that will assist you to get some sleep at night when you are pregnant so that you can take care of both yourself as well as your child.

  • First Trimester

In the first trimester the progesterone levels can get augmented massively. This assists in keeping the uterus muscles feel allayed which helps in avoiding the premature contractions and assists the body to nurture the foetus as well as the mom-to-be. The progesterone helps with the placenta functioning by shielding it from the undesired growth of the cell.  But the enhanced progesterone also comes with certain cons. It triggers a variety of uneasy feelings for you like fatigue, nausea, anxiety and of course, morning sickness.

Best Sleeping Positions – Sleep with your knees bent and on the left-hand side. This reduces that pressure on the livers and permits the nutrients and the oxygen to travel through the placenta which helps in nourishing the baby. The blood flow to the foetus and the uterus also improves as a result of this. Though it is advisable to train yourself early, many women toss and turn in their beds and find themselves on their backs or on their chests when they wake up. The only problem, in this case, is your discomfort and your back and breasts getting sore. Naturally, as the pregnancy gets advanced you will find sleeping on the left side as the comfiest position.

  • Second Semester

The honeymoon stage or the second semester of pregnancy witnesses the subsidence of hormones. This is also the time when you start to feel slight movements signifying that the baby is kicking and very alive.

Best Sleeping Positions – During this period you should also sleep with your knees bent and on the left-hand side. As the baby is growing you need all the required nutrients to reach the placenta in a healthy way. Research has proven that it is suggested that you do not sleep on your back while going through this semester as that may harm the baby. This way the inferior vera cava can get affected which can decrease the blood supply to the baby. Women who do not sleep on the left side are reported to be more prone to give birth to a late stillborn as compared with women who do. Your baby can also have low birth weight because of this according to the probing conducted.

Is It Dangerous to Sleep on the Back or Right-Side While Pregnant?

However, these studies mentioned above are not conclusive and there are many mothers who claim that they have slept on their backs or right side and had no problems delivering healthy babies. That is why if you try to sleep on the left side but find yourself turned to the right when you wake up, don’t fret. Your body is going to send you signals for any discomfort. Hence do not ignore the back pain, problems in breathing and turn when you face any of these. If you feel the issues to be too intense to handle you should contact your doctor without delay and consult about massages, positions and exercises for sleeping well at night.

  • Third Semester

Your grown belly towards the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd semester can start feeling quite uneasy. That is why you can prop in between the legs or under the abdomen a pillow. The third semester can witness a lot of pain, foetal movement, snoring, frequent urination and reduced sleep and discomfort.

Best Sleeping Position- As said earlier you should always try to sleep on your left and this is especially true for the third semester. This assists if you have shortness of breath and is ideal for your kidneys as well as for your baby. You won’t be able to sleep on your back and stomach anyway during this time.

Apart from the above, if you are a heavy snorer, then don’t forget to consult with a reputed sleep apnea doctor before your pregnancy or at the early stages so that you and your baby do not face any extra trouble through your pregnancy period.

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