Why do I Need Varifocal Glasses?
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Varifocal glasses are advanced technology glasses which are able to correct distance and close by refractive errors of eyes. Varifocals glasses are prescription glasses which can solve the eye disorders requiring more than one prescription lens for an eye and allow clear view from any distance. Varifocal lenses have smooth transition from distance, intermediate and close vision eliminating any visible distinguishing lines, unlike bifocals. Varifocal glass lenses are divided into three different sections:

  1. The uppermost section corrects nearsightedness (myopia) and allows clear distant view
  2. The middle section is for enhanced intermediate vision, say for viewing computer, laptop etc.
  3. The lower section can correct farsightedness (hypermetropia) as well as presbyopia and provide a clear view up close for reading.


Advantages of Varifocal glasses

1)      Contain more than two prescriptions in one lens : Varifocal glasses allows gradual transition from one prescription area to another and the lenses generally consists of the following power strengths :

  1.       Distance vision – ranging from -0.75 diopters onwards
  2.     Reading vision –  starting from +0.75 diopters or more
  3.       Cylinderical and axis – in case of astigmatism correcting lens

2)      No transition lines : Varifocal glasses allow a smooth transition from top to mid and bottom view without any bothersome transition lines in between the three prescription area.

3)      Ease of usage : Varifocal glasses gives freedom from switching frequently between two prescription glasses i.e. distance and reading glasses.  You need not carry two glasses with single vision lenses always if using varifocal glasses.  They are best suited for people with more than one refractive errors of the eye.

4)      Saves cost Varifocal glasses combines the benefits of single vision lenses and bifocal lenses simultaneously. Hence, you save extensively by buying one single pair of varifocal glasses instead of spending on two pairs.

5)      Allows broader view  –  Since the focal points of all the three refractive index are induced in to one lens, the user experience broader clear view in all directions.

6)      Customised – Varifocal glasses can be tailor-made according to the lifestyle, work, visual habits, driving, sports, etc.


Single vision lenses, Bifocals and Varifocals

Single vision lenses consist of uniform power strength in the entire lens for correcting one refractive vision error only.

Bifocal glass lenses consist of two different prescriptions and can correct both near and far refractive error of the eyes with a visible transition line in between.

Bifocal users should reglaze glasses at Specscart by replacing varifocal lenses in their existing or old frame as the Varifocal lenses combines the benefits of all prescription in one and are also called progressive lenses. They allow smooth transition from one prescription zone to another.

If you are reluctant to buy varifocals on the first hand, then get glasses to try at home and wear them for seven days to get used to them and place order later with better options including branded designer prescription  glasses.


Adjusting to Varifocal Glasses

For initial 10-15 days user may experience a little problem in adjusting to varifocal glasses, if using for the first time.  It would be a matter of few days for the brain to get accustomed to the new focal points devised in the lenses as brain is not habitual to create images of objects this way earlier.  Unable to focus instantly from three refractive focal points is common and also peripheral vision is distorted. Therefore, user may feel difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, driving etc. It is suggested to use varifocal glasses regularly and let your brain take its own sweet time to get used to the different prescriptions of the lenses.


Varifocal glasses are helpful for users with more than one refractive error of the eye and who are fed with switching frequently from one prescription glass to other.  Varifocals not only saves money but also allows wider view with enhanced vision clarity in a matter of few days.

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