Why is eye test important for all ages?
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An eye test is something everyone seems to neglect nowadays. Eye Checkup marks a mandatory step to conduct twice a year for keeping a score on your eye health and also be aware of taking prevention for futuristic threats. Recently a recent study from Express UK states that “There are one million people in the UK living with avoidable sight loss and while failing to have regular eye examinations is perhaps the most significant risk for preventable sight loss, lifestyle factors also play a vital role.

“74% of people in the UK either wear corrective eyewear to help them see better” The use of corrective eyewear in the UK is widespread and has not changed significantly from 2011.” 

The growing ignorance towards eye health leads to serious eye diseases, which only increase because of a lack of awareness and correction used at the right time. It’s essential to comprehend that our eyes old as we do and they get weak and make our vision weak, or many a time we get vision problem by heredity or out of the blue, the appropriate step always for this unknown situation could still be made better if only you consider going for an eye examination. 

How many people in the UK go for a regular eye test?

It’s been estimated that almost 10 million Brits lose their eyesight by ignoring and disregarding regular eye tests, including kids, adults and older generations. A new study shows one in six adults doesn’t bother to attend appointments to have their vision checked, and as such risk making their eye health worse than it needs to be. Almost 2u4% people don’t go for an eye test because of a busy schedule of just lazy about these facts.

Why are the benefits of an eye test?

An eye test is essential for preventing severe eye conditions before turning into serious vision loss. No one wants to live with eye disease, and everyone requires clear and enhance vision; however, to ensure that you need to provide 20-30 minutes of your yearly schedule. Without regular eye examinations, problems are being left undiagnosed and untreated, which can lead to severe vision damage.

Although you have felt any symptoms or not, it’s very vital to go for a regular eye checkup because many eye conditions don’t show up early signs. With an eye test, you will come to know about your eye condition and will be able to undertake respective steps like improving your diet. You instantly come to recognise the roots of the problem and hence initiate valuable steps towards improving eyesight. 

Even if you are prescribed, you need to go for an eye checkup once in every six months to know about your eye stage. But just 38 percent of British adults have their eyes tested every two years, and only 46 percent of those who already wear glasses continue to get regular checks. There are only a third of people have annual eye tests. Unfortunately, we don’t take these critical things severely and continue to brush them off. Now that you know and haven’t gone for an eye test in around six months or year, then book an appointment now if you have a prescription or not and go for a comprehensive eye examination.

How often should you have an eye test?

While many people suggest that we should take once in 2 years, but it is entirely incorrect. Eye tests are conducted for getting informed about your eye state and taking steps if required. Since we all only age day by day, our eyes also get worse with time, so it’s essential to make constant eye checkups every six months. 

Best Place to have an eye test?

Specscart provides free eye test at it’s Bury and Walkden eye test store, where you just have to give a call to make an appointment, and you’ll be all set for a free of charge eye test. If you are too busy visiting our stores, you can still use other beneficial services that allow the successful mode of eye test operation execution. 

Free Eye Test at Home – For your Busy Schedule

Specscart provides a convenient solution towards eye test. It doesn’t let you bother coming to an ophthalmologist or need to take a day of leave to get your eyes checked. SpecscartUK provides an eye test at home where you don’t have to move an inch of your body, but rather, a group of highly qualified Optometrist will make a visit to your home and do your eye test taking about 30 minutes. With the checking, the optician will formulate a complete check of your eye health report and prescribed you with precise eyeglasses.

Eye Test at Work – Corporate Eye Care

Since you spend most of your time at work, making an appointment and visiting an optician will never be executed as either you’ll forget about it or feel too tired to attend. Specscart provides another convenient solution for an eye test at work that involves a unique solution for an eye test. Specscart team of optometrists will visit your corporate office and conduct eye exams that ensure healthy eye-checkup and vision enhancement. 

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