How To Develop Esports Tournament Application
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From the past two Decades you can see a great change in the sports industry, Sports are now played on online platforms by use of electronic devices. Previously sports were played on the playground and players had to go on the playground for playing but now you can play all the sports at home on your mobile phones. Esports is a new revolution in this field where gamers can make their own team and can choose their favorite sports to play. According to a report Esports market will generate $2.65 billion from 800 million viewers in 2021. 

If you are looking to make money by Esports Tournament App Development then you are at the right place. In this article I will share everything about How to develop an application? This platform can help to make a large amount of money and can create your fame in the market.

As you know that in 2020 every industry is grappling with a coronavirus outbreak and facing a global crisis. People are staying at home and spending their time playing online sports, this lockdown period has come up with new opportunities and giving you a chance to start your business in the field of online sports. 

Most Popular Esports Tournaments:

1. Call Of Duty World League

2. Overwatch League

3. Capcom Cup 

4. Dota 2


6. League Of Legends World Championship

7. Evolution Championship Series

8. Dragon Ball Fighters. 

Above all are the most popular tournaments that sports players are looking for. I am very excited to share all such stuff with you, because I also play Esports and earn money by winning the match. I want each person to enjoy the online games and earn money online. 

So, For developing an Esports Tournament Application, you have to understand the features and importance of this platform. Besides this, How you can monetize your application is also a very important aspect that you must study. 

Features of Esports Tournament Application:

Login and Signup:

An Esports application must allow the users to create their account by using their mail ID and Password. This feature enables the users to log in into the application. This feature must allow the users to login with their social media accounts,

Engaging Dashboard:

Dashboard is the first screen where users jump after login where they get all the important updates regarding the ongoing and upcoming matches. On Dashboard you have to show all the important features that could help the users for playing the games. Dashboard should be engaging in nature so the users can spend their most of the time on application. 

Profile Creation:

Every user has to save his important information regarding credit card number, mail id, name, address and profile picture. Application must allow the users to create their own profile. Under this they can share their favorites. 

Push Notifications:

Push notifications notifies the users about the upcoming events and alerts them about ongoing match timing and dates. This feature provides them an alert regarding their app updates. Push notifications ensure that no user will leave any match or tournament. 

Tournament Status:

This feature allows the users to check the time and date of the upcoming tournaments. It shows the status of Tournaments and gives an alert about the upcoming matches. 

News Feed:

News feeds allow the users to connect with a variety of communities and allow them to use Artificial intelligence. This feature enables them to get all the information at a single platform so they do not need to visit other websites for information. 


You have to add a chat box where users can share their experience with other members and can share their feelings with their friends and family members. This feature help to connect them with other players so they can learn new skills. 

Esports Tournament Admin Panel Features

> Manage App Settings from Admin

> Manage Categories, users and comments

> Can Manage Room id, send Room id

> Create Multiple Tournament, Add New Tournaments

> Update Winner Result & can settle the amount

> Manage User Wallet, user orders

> Admin can see how many user join the tournaments

> Manage entree fees, 

> Manage Notifications and languages

> User Detail Export to Excel

> Live Chat Support, support messages.

User App Features:

  • Users Profile,Sign-in/Sign-up screen
  • Join any of the contest by paying fees
  • Player’s wallet screen (add money, withdraw money, All transaction details)
  • All Matches result are shown in App to all users of app
  • Full match result screen, Detail of match screen
  • Player’s profile screen
  • Fast & Secure Payment Gateway, etc.

How to Monetize Esports App:


Nowadays, a new feature that is helping  the users to monetize their app is In-app advertising. This feature allows them to earn money by clicking on ads and provide a chance to earn money online. 


You can offer some subscription programmes to users by which they have to pay a certain amount of money. By giving subscription you can get a constant flow of income generation. This is required for fresh content and current updates on your application. 

Final Thought:

As we have seen a lot of new things about Esports Tournament application. How you can build, what are the features, How you can monetize, etc? But ultimately, for the development of an Esports tournament app, you have to choose a reliable and trustworthy app development company. Make sure that your development partner delivers the project on-time with a lot of advanced features. Esports tournament platform includes so many games and national and international leagues. Make sure that the company offers all these services and features at a single platform in a budget-effective manner. I hope this read will help you to gain knowledge about Esports tournament application.

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