How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with These 5 Ideas
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Growing our YouTube channel is not an easy task. Attracting many visits, achieving a good number of views, and gaining that audience requires the regular and constant publication of quality videos, both in their content and in their presentation. Many times the investment of time, effort, and even money may not be rewarded in the results and leads us to give up on this project. But with a suitable working method, capable of optimizing resources and production processes, we will be able to make better use of time and lower costs without sacrificing quality, in the production and publication of videos. In this post, we offer you some ideas so that making videos is much easier for you and that your YouTube channel does not lack publications or visits.

Create an idea file

Write down all the ideas you have for making videos at the same time they occur to you since inspiration can come at any moment, reading a post or a book, watching a video or TV, walking … So don’t go out without a notebook or always use the notebook of your mobile and on your computer, create a folder with those notes or script projects. But it also establishes a time, even once or twice a month, to think about video possibilities, review those files with the ideas you have written, add, replace or remove things depending on the profile of your audience and the study of searches I’m doing. This flexibility and the possibilities of projecting that your portfolio of ideas will offer you will allow you not only to create new videos.

Creative Content for Growing your YouTube Channel

Write scripts in advance

Create and write your video scripts in detail and in advance. Thinking carefully about each aspect of the video and having all the necessary elements on the day of the recording will avoid setbacks and facilitate the development of the work. What will be reflected not only in the time spent but also in the final result of the piece?

This advice is essential so that you can make videos easier and faster. If the frequency of your YouTube posts is weekly, reserve a few continuous hours to write the scripts for the four videos for the following month. In this way, in one morning or afternoon, you will do half the work that your videos demand for the whole month. You will only have to define the day of the recording.

How to Grow Youtube Channel

Record all videos the same day

The proposal to write the scripts of the videos for the whole month on the same day is also valid for recording. Preparing a recording set or a background for our videos, the camera, the lighting, the microphone, and everything we need to record takes time. If we repeat this process for each video, it will take us longer than if we do it once to record several. It is a way of optimizing this time, which usually translates into money, especially if we turn to a video marketing agency for a more professional and better-finished project.

Creative Video - YouTube Channel Views Increase

Choose excellent video software for editing

To achieve quality results, video editing professionals use complex and rather expensive tools, such as Filmora. Filmora is an extremely versatile application for cutting, retouching, and editing videos and photos with high-quality results, and it allows you to assemble movies and images, overlay graphics, insert transitions between clips and apply effects, and themes to your video. Filmora also enables you to choose the proportions to be applied to the final product, thus adapting to sharing on different social networks, and is suitable for use as an editor for vlogs and tutorials. It also features an audio mixer decidedly advanced, with separate controls for the original video track and for those inserted in the post-production phase, whether they are soundtracks or recordings added later.

For those who do not love Filmora, do not have the skills, or are looking for a fast method with which to create effective ones, FlexClip is another excellent tool to edit videos in a few minutes. It can equip your videos with common elements, such as certain effects, text fonts, thumbnails, graphics, music, even a characteristic inlay, and a structure that repeats itself in Each piece. So FlexClip can help you determine your video’s style that manages to identify your brand in each publication.

With the support of FlexClip video maker, you will save time, and you will be able to publish videos with professional production that will make your channel on YouTube grow and better position.

Video Editing Software

Post short videos

If your videos are of good quality and have interesting content, they will attract visits, and they will be even more attractive if they are short. This feature enhances the possibility of adding more clicks. Holding the audience’s attention is more likely with short, concrete, and dynamic videos. In three minutes, you can count a lot and generate the interest of your audience to go to another of your videos. This also means less production, recording, and editing time, which is how to make YouTube videos quickly and easily.

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