How to Manage Your Music Gear with Music Insurance When Traveling for Gigs
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Traveling to a different country for your gig? This is both exciting and challenging for the musician in you. If you are a songwriter or play a small instrument, this can be easy for you. However, if you are a drummer or a guitarist or someone with heavy instruments, it can be quite cumbersome for you to travel to the new place with the equipment. You are not just stressed about the travel but also about ensuring your gear reaches the new place safely, without getting damaged. A damaged gear can add up to your tensions.

We have known musicians traveling for gigs, and how they do it. So, here we are ready to help you travel and transport the gear without really stressing about it.

  • The simpler you keep it, the easier it is for you to travel. For instance, if you carry six mics to choose from, you will not only end up getting confused on the last day but also get stressed about tagging these mics along with the other luggage you are carrying.
  • A pianist might want to carry a single workstation that helps create all the sounds necessary or a controller plus laptop, which is not only easy to carry but also mixes the sounds perfectly. You will need to plan your gear before you plan your travel to make things easy and effortless for you.
  • It is always a good idea to check for house gear if you want to avoid traveling with your gear. This can help save the burden of transporting entire equipment to a new place. For instance, you can carry the basic instrument, and depend on the house gear that is available in the country.
  • This is specifically true if you are traveling to places in Europe to play music. However, if you are planning for house gear, you may want to check beforehand. You don’t want trouble when you are starting to play so, an early check-in with the venue can help you prevent the last minute disasters. Again using house gears would need extra budget and time for early travel and check-in. Make sure you have made space for the same.
  • This is another option that you can try. Ship the instruments to the country you are traveling to, so that you don’t have to carry them. This can ease out the stress majorly, and improve your travel options. This will obviously need a higher budget, as shipping involves money. You will also need to find someone you can rely on to ship your instruments without damaging it. Talk with companies such as FedEx before you make this decision.
  • If you don’t want to use your own gear as it is too much stress to transport it, you can rent out instruments that will save time and efforts. You might need to spend a little extra to rent instruments that are similar to the ones you play back home. This can be an excellent way of managing the instruments when touring.

Apart from all this, you should invest in music insurance, which will help you rent instruments at a lower cost and ensure you can transport your gear with ease.

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