Some Of The Most Interesting Mobile Phone Insurance Facts
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Let’s face it, how many people do you know who’ve sneered in the face of mobile insurance? Is that too assuming that it’s a waste of money because there’s no way whatsoever they let anything happen to their shiny new dream phone?
Probably more than they care to admit. Consider yourself too.

Most of the people just ignore this,but it really is worth covering because you never know what’s around the corner. Literally, you might walk into a post… phone first!

Here are some facts about mobile insurance that could change your mind:

The importance of an insurance policy for your mobile phone cannot be denied. Most mobile phone manufacturers and network providers do offer warranties and insurances, but their policy does not cover accidental damage and theft. Such policies only cover aspects like defects in the phone due to the manufacturer and only in these cases will they agree to replace your phone.

The sort of things generally covered in mobile phone insurance (depending on what level of cover you opt for) are cracked screens, liquid damage, breakdown and loss or theft along with any unauthorized call cover. Well, great news for those who’ve dropped, scratched or have possibly sat on their phones before.

You can even insure a second-hand mobile if you haven’t bought a brand new one. As long as you have proof of purchase i.e. a store receipt or IMEI number, and it’s (approximately) within 1 or 2 years old, you should be fine.

  • How much does a mobile phone insurance cost?

Most of the mobile phone insurances are always cheap and hardly cost you $2 per month. The cost of mobile phone insurance depends on things like the phone brand, model and the level of cover.

  • Difference between Extended Warranty and Mobile Insurance

Most of the people are confused regarding extended warranty and mobile insurance and don’t know what to choose. Let’s have a look at what they say:

Extended Warranty:

A promise was given by the manufacturer for an extended period (longer than what your mobile already comes with by default) that they will replace or repair your phone in case of a manufacturing defect. Only repairs manufacturing defects, such as overheating, internal damage, software bugs, etc.

Mobile Insurance:

An insurance policy dedicated to your mobile that will protect and cover for your phone in the case of accidental damage. Repairs screen damages caused due to accidental damage (such as if you drop your phone and the screen breaks) or any liquid damage leading to screen damage. It can be repaired anywhere and everywhere. Your mobile insurance will cover the cost of repair.

Therefore, avoid the traps that leave your phone vulnerable and let your mobile insurance cover your phone for times when the fault is not yours. After all, we know how important your phone is for you.

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