7 Quirky Date Ideas for Couple in this Lockdown
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For a few months now, the lockdown is underlying lives. The love birds caged inside the houses want to go to their favorite restaurant or sip coffee together at their beloved cafe. Unfortunately, they can’t do so! Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has made all the days shallow and boring. The prevailing lockdown blended weekends into the weekdays, and the vibe of going on a date with the partner of your life faded away. The ones in a go-to distance relationship are suffering more. Luckily, all those couples stuck inside their houses together have a lot to do. 

People are already exhausted from the endless duration of staying at home in this lockdown. The love vibe has disappeared, and people have not met their beloved ones for over months. In this situation of boredom, we’ve compiled seven quirky date ideas for couples in this lockdown to deliver at its best. To your extreme surprise, being in your home can create a romantic environment and make your partner feel sentimental for you. Here’s the list of seven things you can do to recreate the couple’s character between you and your spouse. Find the best idea suitable for you and carry it out immediately. 

1. Dress Like You’re Going On An Actual Date

Most of the time, most of the people are in shorts or sweatpants because of the lockdown feeling. Until you dress like you are going on an actual date, you won’t feel the vibe. Open your wardrobe, select the best outfit from your stacked ones, and get ready like you are going on your first ever date. Putting on the best dress on you will make you feel extraordinary for the big night. When you and your partner step out well-dressed, you will remember your old days of dating each other passionately. Dress flawlessly, come on, it’s your date night! 

Dating Ideas for Couple

2. Make Your Special Meal Together

If you can’t dine out in your favorite multi-cuisine, bring it in your home. Yeah, that’s right. One of the charming ways to spend time with your partner is to cook dinner together. Lockdown means to kick-off the regular food and try something new. Get recipe books, watch tutorials online, ask your friends to help you learn new dishes, but do whatever to make your dinner date perfect. Cook your special meal at home, make some dessert for the end and have a date with your lifetime companion exceptionally. You will get a remarkable experience to remember the lockdown nicely. 

3. Open The Cork Of Love

A bottle of Red Wine, a glass or two of Sparkling White or some Crystal Head Vodka is enough to make the evening erotic. Seriously, we all need to booze up in these tiring days of pandemic and soak in love for a while. Isn’t the date pretty tempting just the two loving people, open sky, mild music, and two glasses of red glamour? A bottle of wine is the best friend on a date night. Nothing is hesitating in being a wino on your date with a beloved. Cheers to your date and cheers to your undying wine love!

Cocktail Party with Partner

4. Entertain Yourself Indoors

It is not always necessary to strike out for settling on some self-entertainment. Well, you can have fun and enjoy being inside your homes, too. In these lockdown days, having a Netflix subscription is not a terrible deal. You and your partner can watch the favorite web series show, letting nothing to bore you anymore. With a couple of beers, crisp potato chips, and the never-ending entertainment in your apartment, you can have an ideal date with your loved person. Recharge for abundant GBs of data pack and bring the theatre to you in the house. 

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5. Drink, Dance, & Decorate

We certainly plan a celebration for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries outdoors. But we never think of partying in the house. For dating your partner in lockdown, here’s an idea for you. Decorate your balcony or terrace with twinkling lights, scented candles, tinted balloons, and plain drapes. Convert your regular home into some honeymoon suite and decorate, drink, dance, with your partner. The unique decor of the house will make your date night fascinating. Dancing with your partner, holding hands in love, on the mellow music, with stars accompanying your love travel, is the best lockdown night date feeling ever! 

Best Dating Idea for couple

6. Play Games 

You can have a romantic date at your home with your partner but not compulsorily. If anyone does not wish to have the same candlelight dinner in the front courtyard with some sensuous night senses, they can do something out of the box yet exciting. How about spending a day with your date playing different games and partying simultaneously? Either you both can play the chessboard game or play the cards. Some couples play poker during the lockdown period, and some keep partying every day with beers and vodkas. Try playing a Monogamy game for having a healthy affair with your partner.  

7. Virtual Dating

For those who are in a distance relationship, the idea of virtual dating is quite enticing. We have Google Meet and Zoom not only for professional purposes but for personal reasons, as well. You can date your loved one online through these platforms. Both individuals can dress up similarly, can order the same food at home, and have an online dinner date. All your favorite dishes are available online for home delivery, and all the restaurants are available at your doorstep. We all feel lockdown has made our lives miserable, but these technological gifts can make them a lot easier. 

Virtual Dating

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has made our lives traumatizing. We are floundering day by day, but let me remind you, love never dies. These DIY ideas for making a night date possible for couples are amply practical and perfect. You are supposed to make a little effort to make the life of your beloved more beautiful. Take this lockdown tenure as an opportunity to spend time with your favorite one and make love to each other. Happy dating you all!

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