Your next secret Santa under $25 gifts
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So we all have to be a secret Santa every year and give somebody else something but they cannot know that you are the one who has given it and this gives us a chance not just to be creative but also to fulfill somebody else’s wishes especially the ones that we know. I think it is an amazing trend which is spreading all around the world. You could be a secret Santa to even a person whom you don’t know but he might need your help so secret Santa is not just about buying the produced goods from factories or shops and giving it to other people but it is also about doing something good and feeling good from within. 

Because when you think of becoming a secret Santa for somebody it is very much important to choose the right gifts for them. And that is why it is important that these give be cheaper but can be used very well too and that is why I have brought for you all $ 25 secret Santa gift guide that you can follow these items and give it to the people you want to be a secret Santa for. Being a secret Santa for somebody not only gives us a chance to be creative but also to help others without letting them know. In fact, you can collect money in advance in a piggy bank for the secret Santa for the upcoming year and it would be great to teach your children to do that from now itself. But before we begin the list it is important to note the very first thing and that is making sure your gift is delivered maybe by midnight along with flower delivery online or any country to keep the suspense. 

1) Box of Beauty Samples

All women love different kinds of cosmetics in the cupboard and what would be a great gift for them as a new sample from the latest brands that have been launched. offices leave because nobody wants to see when they open a gift box with just a few crap things that are of no use now suppose if you give them fragrance diffuser for a car and they don’t have one? But a beauty gift especially from the new and latest brand launch would be the most amazing surprise for a secret Santa gift you would have never given to any women. Because all the women love trying something new that is launched in the market. You can send valentine flowers along with the samples. And the best part is that they don’t cost too much, just 17 to 20 dollars. 

2) Textured Bowls 

Textured bowls are a great way to redefine old crockery or maybe even the new ones. And whether it is men or women both appreciate someone your kind of texture on their bags as well so why not this time as a secret Santa purchase some beautifully textured bowls and of course whether of men or women both can use it for the Christmas dinner or maybe for new year’s or any other time whatever party they throw these bowls can be put to use. And the best part is that these four bowls from any local store wouldn’t costume more than $20. And of course if your near and dear ones are in another country and you want to be a secret Santa for them you can send them along with flower delivery in mumbai or any other city or country as well. 

3) Chocolates 

We all just love snuggling up chocolate all the time. And especially if it is a wintertime wooden block to eat chocolates and after all chocolates are those things from old to young everybody loves them and they would be surprised when you give them a real good chocolate box as a secret Santa.  What is more on the creative side then I’ll suggest you make chocolates at home out of cocoa beans using a blender. I am sure this wouldn’t consume more than dollar 25. In fact, because chocolates are cheaper during holiday time you can add them in different ways such as you can make a whole chocolate box which carries different flavors of chocolate such as caramel, strawberry, milk, almond, mixed fruits, and berries, etc.

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