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Solar Pannel Cleaning Tool


The first solar cleaning system developed in Korea. It is possible to remove various pollution of small scale solar power generation facility less than 100kw easily and quickly It is a highly efficient solar photovoltaic cleaning equipment that can improve the power generation efficiency of solar power plant through cleaning of solar power generation facilities.

SOLAR SIX-SP6 Features and effects

You can clean up to 6m height using the Solar Sixpole. It is possible to supply water by connecting a hose to the head brush.

Improve solar efficiency and maintain cleanliness

Photovoltaic modules have to be installed in order to receive sunlight, but due to the nature of the installation, they are inevitably polluted from the surrounding environment! The solar six keeps the panel clean and can improve efficiency by about 10%.

Improving solar performance and improving profitability

The newly developed Solar six has excellent cleaning power, which effectively removes the old time and dust accumulated for a long time and maintains cleanliness, as well as enhances efficiency and prolongs machine life.

Solar six Brush

The brushes optimized for solar panel can be cleaned without damaging the module.

The soft Nylon Brush does not damage the solar panel.

When the hose is attached to the brush, water can be supplied to the surface of the module immediately.

Four nozzles are inserted into the brush head, so you can clean it while spraying a lot of water on the panel.

Angle Adjusment

Angle adjustable cleaning tool

It is possible to wash variously according to the angle of solar control panel.


Can rotate up to 120 degrees

The angle of the panel differs for each solar power plant. SOLAR SIX is a solar panel cleaning tool that allows users to adjust the angle manually.


The angle of the panel differs for each solar power plant. SOLAR SIX is a solar cleaning tool Korea that allows users to adjust the angle manually.

Are Looking for solar panel cleaning system korea ? You can quickly remove the dirt and dust
that has been accumulated for a long time to maintain cleanliness.


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