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Whether the accident is minor or major, the auto accident is a terrifying experience. Auto accidents take place with a big or small reason such as carelessness of driver, break fail, etc. in such case you can hire the auto accident attorney. They handle all types of the accident such as:

•    Motor vehicles accident.

•    Car accidents.

•    Trucks accident.

•    Bus accidents.

Free consultation

Most of the attorney does not charge any consulting fee. Unless there is a need for a legal meeting, some extra paperwork or scheduling meeting with many auto accident attorneys to see whom you are comfortable with. It is not compulsory to continue with the same attorney with whom you had consulted before.


Some attorney does not charge any fee until they win the case while some collect the payment before the case is opened. If the settlement is done then the attorney will demand  a specific percentage of it as his or her service

Settlement ratio

Ask your attorney what his or her share will be if the case is in your favor. Ensure that the amount is clear between you and your attorney before hiring him. Also, make the make the contract and state the percentage and keep a copy for your personal records.

Detailed information

While hiring an auto accident attorney one should always keep in mind that you have to share each n every detail about the incident. This information can give an idea to your attorney to build your case in a timely manner and can benefit you quickly.

Be ready

The attorney you hire has a vast knowledge about the legal terms so you need to follow the instruction given by him or her. In spite of that, you should maintain all the all the appointment letters, reports, etc. one should also keep all the document arranged and should answer all the calls you receive from the attorney office. You also need to follow the instructions given by your attorney if you are asked to appear in the court.

You also have to be patient enough as this process takes a lot of time as of month to years to receive any sort of compensation. If an attorney has represented you in the past you can be in contact with him or her and again if you face any unfortunate accident then you can contact your attorney office and ask for a legal assistance.

At Salmu Law Firm, we pride ourselves on the understanding of community and personal needs in El Cajon and San Diego

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